EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Interview with a Convicted ISIS Terrorist — Justified!

Part 1:

Younes Delefortrie is a convicted terrorist. Is revenge ever justifiable? He seems to think so. Younes Delefortrie, who will feature in Clarion’s upcoming film, expounds on the extremist call for revenge. Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie is a Belgian jihadi and former ISIS fighter currently in jail in Belgium. We interviewed him days before he was incarcerated. Delefortrie was interviewed by Shoshana Palatnik and Wayne Kopping.

Part 2:

Younes Delefortrie justifies extremist’s use of children- “If you kill us…it doesn’t matter because there’s a next generation.” This powerful clip highlights the cynical abuse of kids by jihadi groups.

Part 3:

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EDITORS NOTE: These Clarion Project videos are republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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