Top 6 Issues Facing Education For 2019

Although the universal learning model has undergone some major changes in the past decades, there is still lots of room for enhancement. Even in 2019, issues related to different spheres of education remain relevant and actively discussed all around the world.

Relevant Educational Issues In 2019

What are the biggest challenges that modern educational facilities are facing today? There are much more issues than any of you could imagine. However, in this article, we are going to discuss the top six that seem to be the most acute of them.

  • Lack of funding

Unfortunately, this major problem is still unsolved, though we are facing it every single year. In 2019, many schools, colleges, and universities are still lacking equal funding, which leads to a number of additional problems. Tuition fees keep going up with so little opportunities for getting an affordable and high-quality education. This increases the number of students who give up on continuing education.

  • Program irrelevance

Another major challenge that stands on the way of education today is the irrelevancy of the existing educational programs in terms of a long-term perspective. Let’s look at an example to clarify this point. Let’s say a student enrolled in a university a few years ago and majors in business. Keeping in mind the rapid progress and change that takes place in all spheres of our lives, by the time he graduates, his knowledge will become irrelevant. The old business models given him three years ago will not work in the modern world. And that’s only one example of the irrelevance of educational programs.

  • Poor career advice

In order to make a real change in the way we obtain education and in its quality, schools and colleges should finally incorporate a big share of career advice into the students’ curriculum. At this point, most students lack relevant career advice and guiding, and this is a big problem.

  • Standardized testing

For a few past decades, there’ve been too many discussions and controversial opinions regarding this matter. Yet, the problem remains unsolved. Many people have already realized that measuring all students’ knowledge based on the same set of standards can’t do any good, and there are several reasons for that. First of all, because of such testing, every school and college seems to be focusing solely on teaching students to pass their exams, while it should be giving in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. Let’s look at a vivid example of the detrimental effect of such an approach. Teachers provide the knowledge needed to pass an exam and make a main focus on this. As a result, school pupils successfully score on tests but don’t have any real theoretical or practical knowledge. Then these students enroll in a university or college with a very unstable knowledge base, so they struggle to get the work done. Eventually, they start seeking the help of classmates, tutors, and services like EssayPro to get their assignments done. However, they still manage to pass exams since they were taught for them. As a result, we have a big pile of “specialists” who lack actual knowledge. As you can see, the issue is real!

  • Lack of personalization

The pros of integrating a more personalized approach into the educational process are quite clear. Such an approach ensures better understanding and perception of the material by all groups of students, considering their natural skills and initial knowledge base. Unfortunately, we still have a huge gap here. Although there are some promising attempts made by different learning facilities, personalization is still missed out by most facilities.

  • Resistance to change

It sounds odd, but even in 2019, despite numerous positive changes that took place in the 21st century, there are still quite many people who are not willing to adopt innovations. Unfortunately, this year, we can observe lots of school authorities showing resistance to change, and this seems to be a real issue. On the one hand, we have a reliable, familiar, and time-tested model of education that brings results. However, on the other hand, we have plenty of space for improvement and integration of new approaches that can bring numerous benefits.

Integrating technology in the educational process will allow us to deliver more precise, interactive, and personalized knowledge that can only do good. However, schools are still not ready to initiate change. Most teachers and school leaders just see this kind of experimentation to be outside the scope of their duties. Besides, adjusting the outdated but proven effective learning methods is difficult and risky, when done on an individual basis. Thus, for successful change, we need to encourage a global acceptation of new models.

Final Words

Although there are still so many issues that require solutions and so much resistance from the schools, global education seems to be changing step by step. This is a good tendency, and it gives us hope that somewhere in the future educational programs will finally develop to be more relevant, personalized, and effective. However, now, all we can do is to encourage and initiate change!


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