Ukrainian Refugee Charged in Deaths of Marine Bikers in New Hampshire

You’ve probably seen the news.  I know you saw the news about the crash that killed seven members of a NH motorcycle club the day they were killed, but did you ever see any widespread coverage of the arrest of the driver who is charged with their deaths?

I didn’t!  But, we learned from John Binder at Breitbart that “Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, a 23-year-old refugee from Ukraine” was charged with causing the terrible accident.

Now, we hear that ICE has placed a detainer on him.  But, it seems moot at this point.

Surely he isn’t going to be deported before he spends many years behind bars.

And, too bad they didn’t deport him before he killed these good people since he had had several previous run-ins with the law!

Here is Binder,

A Ukrainian national who came to the United States as a refugee — and who has a drunk driving conviction — has been charged with the deaths of five U.S. Marine Corps Veterans and two of their loved ones after allegedly causing a crash in Randolph, New Hampshire, last week.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, a 23-year-old refugee from Ukraine, was charged this week with seven counts of negligent homicide for allegedly killing five U.S. Marine Corps Veterans and two of their loved ones on Friday, June 21, when his trailer hitched to his pickup truck hit the motorcyclists.

The victims were riding motorcycles together as members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, a group of U.S. Marine Corps Veterans, their spouses, and loved ones.

A law enforcement official confirmed to Breitbart News that Zhukovskyy originally entered the U.S. on September 18, 2006, as a refugee from Ukraine.

Recently, his father told the Boston Herald, the Ukranian national [new American!—-ed] was able to secure a green card and adjust his refugee status in 2008 to become a permanent legal resident.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency have a detainer on Zhukovskyy requesting that he be turned over to federal immigration officials should he be released from prison at any time.

Criminal records obtained by the Boston Herald indicate that Zhukovskyy had multiple run-ins with the law dating back seven years.

More here.

Why do we need to be bringing so many Ukrainians I want to know!

I don’t know the answer, but I can tell you we are spending millions to bring thousands of Ukrainians directly from the Ukraine!

In fact, after the DR Congolese and the Burmese, Ukrainians are the third largest group of refugees entering the US during the Trump Administration.  Granted they are a mix of religions (no Muslims) and Ukraine has its problems, but why are they our problems?

Checking the data at the Refugee Processing Center for the years, beginning with the one this alleged murderer entered our country as a child (2006), we have admitted 21,071 ‘refugees’ from the Ukraine.

A couple thousand came when the Zhukovskyy family arrived in Massachusetts, then the numbers tailed off for a few years, but since Trump came into office the numbers are climbing steadily.

28% of that total of 21,071 (since FY06) have come during the Trump Administration.

In just the last nine months we admitted a little over 2,600 with 2,097 processed directly in from the Ukraine.

legitimate refugee is one who has left the country of his or her persecution and fears being returned to it.

It is an uncommon practice for someone to be living where they are supposedly persecuted and then directly being declared a refugee and admitted to the US (they probably even have homes and businesses to sell!).

The number one ‘welcoming’ state for Ukrainians is Washington.  Massachusetts is number seven.

If Trump is reelected, I want to see the whole Refugee Admissions Program scrapped! Only a handful of the most dire cases should ever be admitted and I can tell you these Ukrainians aren’t it!

Unfortunately, Trump left the nine federal refugee contractors in place and recently they began their annual agitation for the number they want to see admitted to the country next year — that number is 75,000 for FY2020 which begins on October 1 of this year.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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