FL Senator Joe Gruters Visits U.S. – Mexico Border says ‘Make no mistake: the crisis is real.’

In an email to constituents Florida Senator Joe Gruters stated:

“I just returned from the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas where I witnessed firsthand the illegal immigration crisis threatening our nation. Make no mistake: the crisis is real.”

“In fact, I believe every member of Congress should be required to visit the border before spouting off partisan rhetoric on the subject.”

Senator Gruters posted the below video of his trip to the border on the Florida Politics YouTube channel:

Senator Gruters announced that he will be conducting a statewide listening tour later this month with Jacksonville Rep. Cord Byrd to hear directly from Floridians on the issue of immigration.

“I don’t believe we should ever compromise when it comes to enacting common sense policies that promote public safety and uphold the laws of the land,” said Gruters. “I want to hear straight from Floridians and listen to their ideas on what additional reforms they’d like to see the legislature address next session.”


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