VIDEO: Communist Leader Bella Dodd exposes Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Posted by Eeyore.

This is an extraordinary video. I am only half way through and my understanding of communism and how it operates is significantly either more solid where I was aware of the material, or expanded to a greater understanding of the events and people I see around me in positions of influence.

The revelations about communist infiltration and subversion of the Church alone makes it worth the time to watch.

Please download it and keep a copy, and try and find time to listen to it while washing dishes or whatever activity that allows you to listen to something like this.

For those that want a more comprehensive look at what communist groups where doing at that time, and today through vehicles like the Democrat Socialists of America, get the book, Witness, by Whittaker Chambers.


INFILTRATION — Thousands of young Communists have infiltrated Catholic seminaries

New Report Links Some of Pope Francis’ Goals with Communist Ideology

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