11 Interesting Facts about Biometric Guns

The evolution of technology has given us more ways to implement it. Moreover, it has improved many of the things we know and use, which is the case with biometric guns. These smart guns have been specially created to make sure a household with a gun is safer to live in – past experiences have shown that accidents can occur if the gun is left unprotected. Moreover, there have been a lot of mass shootings in the US, so many people are suspicious to whatever involves guns.

Biometric guns have come as a way to prevent these incidents from happening, or at least decrease their number. That being said, here are some interesting facts about biometric guns that you may want to know.

  1. They’re Unlocked with Fingerprints

The main goal of biometric guns is to make sure that only the rightful owner can gain access to the gun. Each person has a unique fingerprint, so those who have started working on improving gun safety have taken this into consideration. As a result, biometric technology has been implemented in these guns to ensure the weapon unlocks only when your fingerprint is detected.

  1. They’ve Had Pushback

Debates about guns are nothing new, particularly in today’s world. After seeing the many tragedies that involved the use of guns, citizens are afraid of weapons, and would rather see them all gone.

But once smart guns have become a thing, gun control supporters were pushing the idea that smart guns should be the only ones sold on the market. That means any other traditional gun without smart technology should be eliminated.

However, the NRA opposed the law that prohibited American residents from purchasing guns without biometric mechanisms.

  1. They’re Much Safer in a Household

The coolest thing about biometric guns is how they can provide safety on a whole new level. Not only that they provide you with a way to protect yourself in case of a threat such as a burglary, but they don’t allow anyone except the owner to use the gun. With fingerprint technology, these weapons only recognize the owner’s unique fingerprint – this means that nobody else would be able to unlock the gun. Pretty amazing, right?

You can also come up with multiple protection mechanisms, such as gun safes, even if you’re on a tight budget. You can find safes under 500 – these represent a great way to keep your biometric gun away from outside danger. So, you don’t have to break the bank for some additional security.

  1. Reliability Is an Issue

Many people worry about the reliability of this technology. While improvements have been made over the years, it always comes in question whether the fingerprint always works or not. Of course, the fingerprints have issues if your hand is wet or dirty. Thankfully, improvements are made all the time.

  1. They Can Protect Police Officers

We’ve seen many cases when police officers were dealing with a criminal, and their gun got taken away and used against them? This won’t be happening anymore as long as biometric guns are in their possession. Criminals may be able to snatch them but using them won’t be possible.

  1. They May Not Always Be Good for Self Defense

Of course, self-defense is the main purpose of these guns, but in certain situations, they may be ineffective. If they are affected by temperature or moisture, they might not work properly. The same can be said if the battery is dead – in this case, you won’t be able to use the firearm. This could only endanger one’s life. It’s always important to take precautions and ensure nothing affects the gun’s performance.

  1. Gun Control Advocates Support Them

As expected, those who value gun control are very happy with these inventions. Since traditional guns can lead to so many tragedies, smart guns are safer as they prevent an unauthorized person from gaining access to them. Some people who were affected by the Sandy Hook massacre have grouped with Silicon Valley technology members in order to launch a special campaign. This would offer prizes to those who work to improve guns’ safety.

  1. Some Gun Rights Activists Oppose Them

If you thought nobody would be against them, you’d be surprised to know that there are, in fact, some gun rights activists that don’t like them. For example, the NRA said in the past that these items were not proven to increase safety. Moreover, they went to say that the fingerprint-reading features and many others are unreliable.

  1. They May or May Not Be Hacked

People are unaware whether these systems can be hacked or not. Apparently, a glue-mold hack was used to show that the Galaxy S5 technology can be hacked, which means biometrics could also be unsafe too. This is not certain, though, considering it wasn’t tested.

  1. They Are Not Really for Sale

It’s hard to think that after almost two decades, smart gun technology is not yet fully accessible to the public. Many US residents are interested in this safe gun ownership method, but apparently, the political pressure from gun rights activists, as well as the lack of investment in development, prevented these guns from being widely available. Moreover, some are still only in prototype form.

  1. Former President Obama Encouraged Their Use

The former president of the US has pushed law enforcement agencies to adopt biometric guns, as a way to give people a secure method of using weapons for self-defense. To Barack Obama, it seemed very surprising that gun manufacturers weren’t focusing more on the idea of biometrics for gun safety. Although he is no longer leading the US, manufacturers may still try to consider his guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Biometric guns may help the US with mass shootings situations and can prevent accidents from happening. With fingerprint protection, it’s unlikely that someone else will be able to unlock your firearm. Hopefully, they will make their way on the market soon enough.

BOTTOM LINE: Biometric guns are something that the market should determine, not politicians.

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