Fred Fleitz: Don’t ignore Reps. Omar and Tlaib and their hateful anti-Semitic, anti-Israel rhetoric

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Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has once again acted on her virulent anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views by introducing a repugnant resolution in the House comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and supporting the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement that seeks to wage economic warfare on the Jewish state.

While falsely labeling President Trump’s legitimate criticisms of her radical positions and bigoted statements as “racist,” Omar continues to demonize Israel and seek to turn it into a pariah state cut off from economic, cultural and academic ties with the rest of the world.

Omar said in her resolution: “Americans of conscience have a proud history of participating in boycotts to advocate for human rights abroad including … boycotting Nazi Germany from March 1933 to October 1941 in response to the dehumanization of the Jewish people in the lead-up to the Holocaust.”

Omar’s resolution was co-sponsored by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Omar and Tlaib – along with Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts – call themselves “the squad” and have drawn criticism from mainstream Democratic politicians as well as President Trump for their extremist positions.

Even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York – a staunch Democrat and no friend of President Trump – has called BDS anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.

“We must continue to stand firm against the profoundly biased campaign to delegitimize the state of Israel” through BDS, Schumer said in March. “When there is such a double standard, when the world treats everybody one way and the Jew or the Jewish state another way, there’s only one word for it: anti-Semitism.”

Michael Goodwin had an excellent take on this in a New York Post op-ed, writing: “Indeed, Omar, whom I regard as an unrepentant anti-Semite, further cemented her reputation by introducing legislation Thursday making it legal to organize boycotts against Israel. Predictably, she drew comparisons of the Jewish state to Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa. Don’t expect more than a peep out of dissenting Dems. They’re afraid of her and of the shocking anti-Israel sentiment on the left.”

Omar submitted her resolution in response to five pro-Israel bills under consideration by the House and Senate that condemn the murderous Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, improve Israel’s security, and oppose the BDS movement.

While the anti-BDS resolutions are expected to pass both houses, Omar’s resolution is expected to go nowhere.  Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., rejected Omar’s resolution out of hand, telling the Jerusalem Post: “I can’t imagine that any committee is going to mark up or take seriously any pro-BDS resolution.”

I wrote an article in March praising the fabulous speech by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in which she condemned the BDS movement. Pelosi noted correctly that BDS does not recognize the right of Jewish people to national self-determination or accept a two-state solution to create a Palestinian homeland living side by side in peace with the Jewish state of Israel.

Pelosi also praised Israel as “an ally for peace and security in the region,” and said “if you care about American security, you must care about Israel’s security.”

Sadly, Pelosi’s party appears to be moving in another direction. None of the Democratic presidential candidates spoke to the AIPAC conference because of pressure from far-left groups like

In fact, Pelosi was forced to water down a House resolution condemning anti-Semitism in response to statements by Omar because of opposition from House progressives. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., angrily condemned the watered-down resolution in a House floor speech as “spineless” and “disgusting.”

Even though it will never pass, Omar’s resolution should not be ignored. Not only does this indicate that she and Tlaib are not backing down from their anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views – I fear it represents the future of the Democratic Party, which is slowly being taken over by far-left, anti-Semitic, socialist radicals.

For decades, support for Israel was a bipartisan position held by Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, the ranks of Democratic supporters of Israel are shrinking.

Democratic leaders must start vocally opposing Omar and Tlaib and their hateful anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric.

Israel is a democracy and strong ally of the United States that deserves the support of all Americans. And anti-Semitism is an ancient and toxic prejudice that has no place in the United States.

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Fred Fleitz is President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy. He recently served as a Deputy Assistant to President Trump and Chief of Staff to National Security Adviser John Bolton. He previously worked in national security positions for 25 years with CIA, DIA, the Department of State and the House Intelligence Committee staff. Read his complete bio here. Follow Fleitz on Twitter @fredfleitzView all posts by Fred Fleitz 


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