“Religious” Groups Push Pompeo to Admit 95,000 Refugees in 2020

For new readers that 95,000 number is for refugees chosen abroad and flown here on your dime and then resettled by the State Department’s nine paid resettlement contractors.  (The Trump team never got rid of any of the nine as they once promised to do!)

Of course that 95,000 number is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers who illegally entered the US and asked to be declared refugees.  Refugees are eligible for most forms of welfare once designated.

The lobbying arm of the refugee industry, the Refugee Council USA, confirms that 95,000 is their target number for FY2020 which begins October 1, 2019.

They announce their pie-in-the-sky number early and often so then when Trump suggests something less than that they can scream bloody murder.

BTW, as of June 30th of FY19, the Trump Administration had admitted just over 21,000, thus the State Department will have to speed things up to even make the 30,000 ceiling for this year.

The lobbying group Refugee Council USA wants its followers to….

Hold the administration accountable to meeting this year’s 30,000 refugee admissions goal and urge them to commit to resettling at least 95,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2020, rebuilding the program and returning it to historic norms.

That made me laugh because not even Barack Obama came near their “historic norms.”

“Rebuilding the program” means pouring more taxpayer dollars into the “religious” groups’ coffers. 

The story that caught my eye today is this one from Deseret News.

There is no mention made that some of those signing a letter to the Secretary of State have a vested financial interest in increasing the number of refugees being admitted.

Religious groups react to rumors the U.S. will stop admitting refugees. What would it mean for U.S. values?

In addition to Walter Mondale, Deseret News wants you to know that Islamic Relief USA is also pounding Pompeo with a lecture about our “foundational values.”

Mentioned in the story is a letter sent by what the Deseret News calls 40 “faith groups” to Secretary of State Pompeo in June demanding a “robust” program for the coming fiscal year.

You can read the letter here.

Here is the last paragraph:

We are grateful that the Administration continues to prioritize the promotion of international religious freedom as a core foreign policy goal. We believe having a robust U.S. refugee resettlement program is part and parcel of promoting a strong, consistent international religious freedom agenda abroad. We urge the Department of State, in partnership with other agencies, to continue to strengthen the U.S. refugee admissions program as a life-saving foreign policy and humanitarian tool helping victims fleeing religious persecution abroad. We urge that the U.S. admit 30,000 refugees in FY2019 and increase the refugee admissions number for FY2020 to return to historic norms. The U.S. has promoted international religious freedom abroad as a core value and foreign policy agenda, and our acceptance of refugees signals to countries abroad that we value this fundamental freedom and are willing to protect those who are persecuted because of their faith.

And now here are the forty plus “faith” groups which signed the letter.

Bethany Christian Services
Boat People SOS
Center for Pluralism
China Aid Association
Christian Reformed Church in North America Office of Social Justice
Church of the Brethren, Office of Peacebuilding and Policy
Church World Service
Disciples Refugee and Immigration Ministries
Faiths for Safe Water
Franciscan Action Network
Free Yezidi Foundation
Freedom Road, LLC
Friends Committee on National Legislation
International Christian Concern
International Human Rights Committee
Islamic Relief USA
Jubilee Campaign USA
Law and Liberty International
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Mission Africa International
National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
National Association of Evangelicals
National Council of Jewish Women
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC)
National Justice for Our Neighbors
NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice
Pax Christi USA
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Sisters of Mercy Institute Justice Team
Sisters of Mercy West Midwest
Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
The Church of Almighty God
The Episcopal Church
The West Papua Human Rights Center
Union for Reform Judaism
United Church of Christ
Uyghur Entrepreneurs Network
Veterans for American Ideals
World Relief
YMCA of Greater Houston
Zakat Foundation of America

If you are a supporter of any of the hodge podge of groups and disapprove of their support for this effort, be sure to let them know!

Of the nine paid resettlement contractors, five groups whose budgets depend on your tax dollars for refugee clients signed the letter: Church World Service, HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, the Episcopal Church and World Relief.

Although several Catholic-affiliated groups are mentioned neither of the giants resettling the largest number of refugees in the US—Catholic Charities or the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—are mentioned.

This is the time to let the President know what your number is for FY2020!  He needs a robust response from you!

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Endnote: You might have noticed I’m back to putting the whole post up without using the “continue reading” break because at least this way I know you are getting my full post in your phones etc. as I continue the process of moving away from WordPress.

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