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Since there is such a diversity of interesting material, the Newsletter articles are subdivided into seven categories. Note that this issue has special sections on Offshore Wind Energy and Presidential Energy Policies.

My vote for the three most outstanding articles this cycle: Against Climate Panic, for Climate Hope,  Climate Trillions Frittered in the Wind and Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’.

Here is a short slideshow outlining multiple reasons why AGW computer models are suspect. Let me know any suggestions for improvements.

Energy Economics —

Study: The Social Cost of Carbon and Carbon Taxes
Wind Farm Back-of-the-Envelope Economic Analysis
The Confusions of the ‘Conservative’ Carbon Tax
Inconvenient Energy Realities
What It Will Take for the Wind and Solar Industries to Collapse

Energy: Wind Turbine Health & Environmental —

Infrasound Guidelines: Antiquated and irrelevant for protecting populations
Archive: Big Wind’s Dirty Little Secret — Radioactive Waste
Study: The Impact of Wind Energy on Wildlife and the Environment
Study: Green Killing Machines — the impact of renewables on wildlife and nature

Energy: Offshore Wind Energy —

Lake Erie Wind Project Shows Green Political Correctness Is A Disease
Developer: We won’t pursue wind farm in waters off Hamptons
Cuomo’s incredible wind-power pander
Offshore Wind Fiascos Illustrate the Absurdity of Climate Change Policies
Proposed New England Offshore Wind Facility Suffers Major Defeat

US Energy Policy and Presidential Politics —

U.S. Energy Is Hotspot In Trump’s Economy
Dems’ Energy Ideas Confused, Disastrous
AOC & Sanders seek a do-over for the Green New Deal
Green New Deal position by US Democrat candidates (so far all support)
Nuclear energy position by US Democrat candidates (mixed)

Energy Misc —

Fact-Check: Fearmongers Over Nevada’s Yucca Mountain
Tucker Carlson TV segment: the Green New Deal is a Power Play
100% Renewable Is 100% Unachievable, Even If You’re An Optimist
Sustainability and Global Warming Give Birth to Renewable Energy
Prepare for green blackouts: That’s what’s in store for New York
Balloon Tests to Simulate Turbine Height
Battery Storage—An Infinitesimal Part of Electrical Power

Global Warming (AGW) —

Excellent short video: Climate Apartheid?
Study: Human CO2 Emissions have little Effect on Atmospheric CO2
Study: No Experimental Evidence for Significant Man-made Climate Change
Big Government Is Not the Answer to Climate Change
How climate change got labeled a ‘crisis’
Things Keep Getting Worse For The Fake “Science” Of Climate Change
What Is The Biggest Holocaust? Green Fascism Reborn!
Short video: We Should Fire Fraudulent Data Presenters

Misc (Education, Science, Politics, etc.) —

US EPA: Air Pollution Trends Show Cleaner Air, Growing Economy
White House discusses real environmental solutions, media loses their minds
The Guardian Spreads Anti-Americanism
A Survivor of China’s Forced Labor Camp Urges US to Reject Socialism
Democratic Socialism Newspeak
Government is a great servant — but horrid master
YouTube ad policy bans keyword ‘Christian’ as unacceptable content

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