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A modern economy requires the use of metals and minerals.

Green zealots, because of their intense opposition to mining, are doing all they can to prevent us from getting these important metals here in the United States.

Such strident “keep it in the ground” opposition to mining not only impacts our economy, but our national security to boot.

Thanks to the shale energy revolution, America is finally close to energy independence.  Do we really want to take on a new “mineral dependence” that relies on China and other nations for the crucial rare earths and essential minerals we need?

This is the topic brilliantly unraveled in the captivating new book “Groundbreaking.” Read Duggan Flanakin’s review of it at CFACT.org:

Ned Mamula and Ann Bridges, in their new book Groundbreaking: America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence, demonstrate that these so-called “green” technologies are entirely dependent upon mining and processing of rare-earth minerals, copper, and other minerals. In short, these technologies are not so “green” (that is, clean and renewable) after all.

Nevertheless, the authors agree that, because the emerging economies are entirely dependent upon these “green” technologies, “minerals are the new oil.” Yet the U.S. produces no rare-earth minerals and remains entirely or heavily dependent upon imports for dozens of minerals and metals deemed as “critical” in a brand-new U.S. Geological Survey report.

Overcoming decades of anti-mining indoctrination, mis-education, and near-abandonment of reality depends on convincing users of green technology that they cannot rely on China to prop up the U.S. economy forever.

It requires a massive education campaign to show Americans that the tools of 21st Century technology cannot work without the rare-earth minerals that only China now supplies. Such a campaign will have to overcome the deeply ingrained belief (the result of decades of academic indoctrination) that mining is evil if done by Americans in America.

You can get your copy of this important new book at the CFACT store.

America is blessed with abundant supplies of metals and minerals.

Let’s make darn sure we use them, get the Greens out of the way, and build a brighter future for our nation.


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