How Republicans will take back the House, keep the Senate and re-elect Donald J. Trump

“When most people think about the Democratic party, they think of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). That may be a good thing for AOC, but it’s terrible news for the DNC. Heading into 2020, the worst scenario for Donald Trump’s opponents is to be defined by a 29-year-old socialist with half-baked, radical views, light years away from heartland America. But according to a pile of new surveys from Axios to Heritage Action, that’s a gamble too many liberals are willing to take.” – Family Research Council, 2020: It Don’t Mean a Thing If You Ain’t Got Those Swings.

While the 2020 presidential primaries are just getting started with a large field of Democrats vying for the nomination, there are key indicators that it’s the Republicans who are in control on policy issues.

Political advisor to former President Obama David Axelrod said on CNN after the first round of debates:

It does seem as if you’re running for president that you ought to take into consideration what the country wants.

What Does America Want?

Heritage Action for America released the results of three opinion polls conducted across the nation in 2019. Each poll built upon the results of the previous to provide a targeted look at what animates voters in strategic areas across the country.

Here are items that Americans want:

  1. Voters want the border crisis fixed. Heritage found 53% nationally and 63% in swing states, including 62% of independent voters,  believe “The migration problem at the U.S. border is a national emergency.”
  2. Voters want to keep their private healthcare insurance. In Congressional Battleground states 76% reject a single-payer system, including 66% of Independent voters. This includes 65% of swing-state voters and 68% of Independents.
  3. Voters want to save babies who survive an abortion. When asked “Do you support or oppose requiring doctors to provide medical care to infants who survive an abortion?” 76% of voters and 76% of independents said yes.

NOTE: On the issue of immigration the following questions were asked,

“When it comes to illegal immigration, which of the following do you think is the biggest challenge illegal immigrants pose to America?” Voters answered: 37% Overuse Social Services, 7% Take Jobs Away, 7% Undermine Culture, 4% Commit Violent Crimes and 13% All of the Above.

“If more legal immigrants are admitted to the United States, should priority be given to immigrants based on their skills totals or should family members in our country?” Voters answered: 51% Skills and 29% Family.

What America Does Not Want.

  1. Socialism. Heritage found nationally 61% of voters and 57% of independents and 65% in swing states plus 68% of Independents believe that, “Socialism is a bad economic system that leads to bigger government, less freedom, worse economic conditions, and more welfare dependency.”
  2. Political Correctness. When asked, “Do you think that political correctness is a major problem, minor problem, or no problem at all?” 73% of voters nationally and 50% of Independents answered “yes” it is a problem.
  3. Outsourcing and automation. The survey statement was, “There are a significant number of jobs and careers that will not exist in America in 10 years due to automation and outsourcing.” In swing states 83% of voters and independents agreed with the statement. In Congressional Battleground states 82% of voters and independents agreed with the statement.

NOTE: On education the following question was asked:

” In general, do you think a four-year college degree is worth the price of college tuition today? Voters answered: 72% No and 20% Yes.

Read the full Heritage Action for America report by clicking here.

In the Wealth Management column 5 Reasons Trump Will Be Reelected (And What Wealth Managers Must Know) Scott Martin wrote:

Between the electoral map and a friendly Fed, Democratic contenders are going to have a hard time simply keeping out of each other’s way. 

Bad polling numbers and a stagnant approval rating are one thing. When push comes to shove, voters have historically gone with the candidate they believe will boost their finances the best.

After all, “it’s the economy, stupid.” Right now, with GDP growth tracking above 2%, interest rates falling, tax cuts and full employment, the economy points to four more years.

Otherwise, the Democrats have got to make a compelling case for why a vote against Trump isn’t ultimately a quixotic gesture built more on sentiment than self interest.

Right now it looks like he’s going to win.

Martin lists 5 key factors:

  1. A relaxed Fed is the incumbent’s friend.
  2. The electoral map swings red.
  3. Too many Democrats, not enough messaging.
  4. Too many Democrats, not enough fund raising.
  5. Nobody cares about the future.

The only candidate for President of the United States who understands what America wants, and doesn’t want, is Donald J. Trump. His strength is in his policies and the visible outcomes of his policies. As former President Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

As Mr. Martin notes, “Too many votes in California and New York don’t matter if Florida swings and the Rust Belt votes like it did in 2016. Trump could lose the popular election by 5 million votes and still stay in the White House.”

Democrats are increasingly in la, la land with their socialist rhetoric. Watch as Bill Maher roots for recession to get Trump out of office:

While their fringe base is with them that will not keep their House majority, change the Senate majority or take the White House.

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