Mario Lopez on the Chopping Block — And What About Us? [Video]

Just last week, longtime celebrity Mario Lopez went on The Candace Owens show where he made a statement on transgender kids that shouldn’t have been controversial.

Lopez questioned the ability of a three-year-old to make definitive determinations about switching genders. He said it was “dangerous” for parents to support children that young who identify as transgender. Lopez immediately faced a “public” backlash (read: Leftist media) for what was called out as a “controversial” and “insensitive” statement.

His career as a host for the television show “Access Hollywood” now hangs in the balance. Under such pressure, Mario Lopez made an immediate public apology. Apparently, divergence from “groupthink” is not allowed.

Watch the interview with Mario Lopez (the conversation in question begins at 11 minutes):

Conversations around politics and culture have so polarized that, taken together with increased tech censorship and political correctness, American voices are being silenced.

For the political Left, the conversation has shifted from wanting to find real policy solutions to strictly taking an anti-Trump position. The border crisis, for example, is evidence of that.

Serious human rights and security issues surrounding the southern U.S. border are no longer about how we help asylum seekers while maintaining U.S. sovereignty.

Instead, the conversation has become so polarized that, in “resistance against Trump” and “the wall,” members of Congress are actually helping traffic people illegally across the border as a political statement (or stunt) to counter President Trump’s policies.

For example, Senator Cory Booker recently went into Mexico to escort five female asylum seekers into the United States. He’s also a 2020 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

What we don’t hear in these stunts is the voice of the American people. It’s becoming more difficult to isolate authentic opinion versus media hype, especially when people who hold opinions against groupthink are not only harassed but can also lose their livelihood because of them.

Just this week, I was kicked out of a Secular Muslim Women’s Group page on Facebook after one member objected to me for a post I made in support of President Trump.

While I’ve been on that page for years with little ill effect and my political opinions are not secret, the volatility around thinkers who deviate from the approved Leftist script is now swift and evident.

We are not only not being tolerated; we are being silenced. While I’m grateful to have my own platforms which I’ve worked hard to build and are bigger than that Facebook page, not every person who wants to speak out about today’s issues has such a platform.

The more our voices are regulated, the more Americans are inching toward being silenced. Mario Lopez found that out the hard way.


Shireen Qudosi

Shireen Qudosi is Clarion Project’s National Correspondent.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Clarion Project column with video is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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