VIDEO: The Vortex — Demolition/Restoration. An HQ for the counter-revolution.


We’re standing out in front of the beginning of the physical plant expansion here at St. Michael’s Media, which got underway just a couple of days ago. More on that later, but on a very related note, what we are doing here is what needs to happen all over the Church — certainly in the United States — a demolition of bad structures and protocols that are designed to support not the mission, but simply the existing structure.

The current state of affairs in the Church, as exemplified by the likes of Cdl. Blase Cupich, reveal the problem in its simplest terms.

Men like Cupich have taken the structure and abused it, turning it into an edifice to corrupt the Faith, not focus on the mission of saving souls.

Listen to just a brief comment he made earlier this year at a talk to a liberal think tank in Cambridge, England, pushing for revolution and a “paradigm shift.”

That a prince of the Church would feel such ease and comfort in blurting out words like “revolution” in a divinely established institution sounds eerily to previous clerics like Martin Luther. He too brought “revolution” and paradigm shifts under the guise of spirituality and so forth.

And herein lies the problem: Cupich and company are able to get away with this because they can abuse the current structures — no accountability, a gross lack of transparency, absolutely zero fidelity to the faithful or the Magisterium.

An archdiocese’s expenses, for example, are rarely revealed. That practice isn’t under divine guidance.

The selection of generally young men to be seminarians rarely has any input from faithful laity. Rarely are laity selected to take part in decisions to close and sell off parishes.

What laity are involved in “management” decisions are usually preselected individuals who are picked precisely because the bishop knows they will agree with him.

The Church is in shambles, and the reason it is is partially because the way earthly business is currently conducted in the Church. The structures of the Church are set up ultimately so leaders can carry out their divinely appointed mission of announcing salvation to the world.

But when those man-made structures are used by wicked men and turned to the purpose of evil, then the man-made structures need to be demolished and a new way of doing business built up.

As long as there exists in the Church today this level of evil, then there is a need for exposure of it.

Too many bishops and their staffs deal in a clandestine fashion, harming numerous people materially and spiritually, and they get away with it because people don’t know.

But people need to know; they need to know how business is conducted, how their money is spent, how decisions are made about hiring chancery personnel who do not accept all the teachings of the Church and so forth.

This is the driving force behind our expansion here at our Ferndale studio. There must be in the Church today a media outfit that deals honestly and forthrightly with all this corruption and exposes it.

As a reminder, it was only exposure in the secular media that brought the whole evil of homosexual predation among clergy to everyone’s attention.

Had that exposure not happened, McCarrick and the boys club would still be running the corrupt dog and pony show and altar boys would still be being sexually assaulted.

It doesn’t matter if the corruption is spiritual, financial, moral, doctrinal or liturgical, it’s all fruit from the same tree, and this tree must be chopped down and thrown into the fire.

So Church Militant is responding to the crisis, which men like Donald Wuerl lied through their teeth about, by marshaling our resources through your ongoing generosity.

Right out here, we will be adding an extension which will house our new chapel, which will alleviate the massively cramped conditions we are in now. Some of the staff currently have to stand in the hallway because inside is too small.

With the chapel moved into the extension, the entire inside will be able to be gutted and rebuilt, which is going on now. Walls knocked down — that should make the Vatican socialists happy: no walls.

In this space which is being cleared out even now as you can see will be our Church Militant Media Pit.

That pit will house all our internal workings for everything we produce — Vortex, Headlines, Download, our special reports and investigative efforts, our Church Militant Action Arm, our news articles — everything situated in the same space.

If you watch it or read it at Church Militant, it will all come out of this space. And that’s exciting because it will greatly increase our efficiency, our internal work, what we call the “sausage-making,” which most of the time, people don’t want to see.

All the tips and whistleblower information we get, all the news that comes in, will all pour into this same room and be able to be treated much more quickly and turned around to you much faster.

Our Expansion Campaign, while mostly visible in all this demolition and construction, isn’t the end of it though. Some stuff is not visible. For the past few months, we have been beefing up our website considerably, making it faster and stronger and more secure.

That fine work has been done by our web partner, Petros, who has developed the most sophisticated website in the Catholic media world.

It’s all backend stuff that you don’t see, but it makes your time on the homepage much more efficient. You just don’t realize; it’s completely transparent to you.

Also, the beefed-up website means we are now able to roll out our all-new Church Militant app for mobile devices.

The test version will be delivered to us later today, and we will begin the testing internally and with a select group of Church Militant supporters, and once any bugs are worked out, we will be rolling it out for everyone.

Exciting times here at Church Militant, not just because there’s some new studios and all that and a new vibe, but because this is exactly what needs to be put into action to help reclaim the Church from this evil which has engulfed it — a media source, completely independent, free to expose the evil and talk about the needed changes and restoration.

None of this would be possible without the support of tens and tens of thousands of faithful Catholics who want back their Church, who are heartbroken over the current state of affairs.

Their families have been ravaged, their friends and loved ones thrown to the wolves, crimes and immoralities covered up.

It’s time for a powerful assault, an offensive against all this. That’s what all this smashing and banging and building is all-out about.

Demolition will be done in a few days, and then the construction begins in earnest. We need to fight the so-called “paradigm shift,” the self-styled revolution.

The counter-revolution needs a headquarters. Welcome to HQ.

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