New York Times’ ‘1619 Project,’ the MacArthur Foundation and Eugenics

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

The New York Times “1619 Project” was funded by the MacArthur Foundation. Why is this important?

Because the MacArthur Foundation has also funded population control as a “major objective.”

In the 1998 book “Archons And Acolytes: The New Power Elite” Clarence C. Walton wrote:

Eugenics became a fashionable cause, and courses in the subject were soon introduced by a number of colleges and universities. The Rockefeller Foundation provided ample financial support, generously funding international conferences and research projects, and earning unwanted praise from the Nazis who welcomed the international respectability that their eugenicists needed. Today the Ford and MacArthur Foundations have also made population control a major objective of their funding efforts. In the first phase of the eugenics movement, artificial birth control (with Margaret Sanger identified as its major force) became the preferred method for controlling population growth.” [Emphasis added]

In 2013 the MacArthur Foundation presented their genius award to Angela Duckworth. Duckworth, a Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote a book titled “Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance” in which she quoted Francis Gabon, the father of Eugenics. Duckworth wrote:

When I got to graduate school, I learned that psychologists have long wondered why some people succeed and others fail. Among the earliest was Francis Gabon, who debated the topic with his half cousin, Charles Darwin.

[ … ]

In 1869, Galton published his first scientific study [Hereditary Genius] on the origins of high achievement. After assembling lists of well-known figures in science, athletics, music, poetry, and law — among other domains — he gathered whatever biographical information he could. Outliers, Galton concluded, are remarkable in three ways: they demonstrate unusual “ability” in combination with exceptional “zeal” and “the capacity for hard labor.” [Emphasis added

Grit author Duckworth has also written for, or has been written about in, the New York Times here, here and here. SpeEdChange wrote:

The New York Times, have unquestionably accepted the work of a professor who has based her research in the work of a writer whose work brutalized and killed millions during the 19th and 20th Centuries, including the Nazi Holocaust, the Japanese assault on China during World War II, and the ethnic cleansing in Europe’s Balkans at the end of last century. There are also stories symbolized by the tale of Carrie Buck, where there’s an unquestionable direct line from Angela Duckworth’s favorite thinker to a deep well of human misery.

So the MacArthur Foundation has funded the New York Times‘ “1619 Project” and promoted population control and presented a genius award to a professor who idolizes the father of Eugenics.

Is there an affinity for racial purity in the form of population control espoused by Francis Gabon?

Is there a connection? We simply report, you will in the end decide.

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  1. Kelleigh Nelson
    Kelleigh Nelson says:

    Unbelievable isn’t it, but when you think that Hitler took eugenics from American history, and that history repeats itself…well, there you have it.


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