‘Angel Has Fallen’ a film about the Democrats’ Russian Collusion Hoax?

The newly released Lionsgate Movies film “Angel Has Fallen” is about how loyal and patriotic Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is falsely accused of conspiring to assassinate the President of the United States. The entire plot is controlled out of the White House by Vice President Martin Kirby (played by Tim Blake Nelson). The Vice President uses the media, the Secret Service, the FBI and other para-military assets to to assume the presidency.

Watch the trailer:

After watching Angel Has Fallen I couldn’t help but think of what happened with President Trump. Let me explain.

Angel Has Fallen and the Russian Collusion Hoax

The plot, you guessed it, is based on a false accusation of colluding with the Russians. Oh my. 50 Shades of the Mueller Investigation?

Lionsgate Movies may have inadvertently given those who watch the film a very personal glimpse of what it is like to be falsely accused of something like colluding with a foreign government, Russia, to get rid of a sitting president. The film is produced by Gerard James Butler who also plays to role of Secret Service agent Mike Banning.

Agent Mike Banning is a distinguished war veteran who is suffering from PTSD. He becomes the focus of a plot by our own government (a.k.a. the Deep State) to remove the sitting President of the United States. Sound familiar? It get’s better.

Of course the hero Agent Banning is able to expose the plot against the President and save the day. However, once accused the Secret Service, FBI, media and White House turn against him to further the hoax. Again, sound familiar?

It seems ironic that a film with this plot line would come out just after the end of the Mueller Investigation of President Trump’s campaign.

Today, as Americans learn more and more about how the plot to take down Trump the more and more we learn that there are those in the CIA, NSA, FBI and even the Obama White House were involved.

Agent Banning, like President Trump, is finally vindicated. What is hilarious is at the end of the film the Vice President is taken out of the White House in handcuffs. Maybe this film will be prophetic?

Maybe others in the CIA, NSA, FBI and even those in the Obama White House will experience the same fate?


This is a great action film and the best, of the now three, Fallen series. This film comes out in the same year that we have people trying to take out the sitting President, Donald J. Trump. Happenstance or intentional? You decide.

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