VIDEO: How to destroy women’s sports

In his book, “Make Anger Your Ally” , clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren says that the initial anger response is a physiological reaction that involves a shot of adrenalin and a heightened state of awareness. He underscores with, “You are never more alert than when you are angry”.

Warren goes on to explain that this physiological reaction occurs, almost instantly, when we are faced with fear and/or pain (physical or emotional) and/or frustration.

All that said, I have a question for you:

How do you prevent ANY one from trying to do ANY thing?

Answer: Just set it up so they know they cannot succeed, no matter what. Simply show them it is a no-win situation.

The young lady in this video was bumped from her regional championship by 2 transgendered “women” taking the two top spots and she is risking her athletic career and her social safety by doing only so much as speaking out against the disparity.

These young women are so concerned about the backlash that the others who spoke were nameless, not on camera AND their voices were altered so that they would be unrecognizable but they all speak of anger and frustration.

As this young and accomplished athlete says, as regards biological men competing in women’s sports, “… no matter what, your best is never going to be enough.” [to compete with an equivalently aged/trained/healthy/motivated biological man]

After all, when winning is no longer even on the table, why bother to even try? Why would ANY one, knowingly and willingly, put themselves or, more importantly, their daughter, into a position of fear, pain or frustration?

If you want to find out how most people handle that “shot of adrenalin and a heightened state of awareness”, that these young women face daily, you’ll have to read Dr. Warren’s book. I can tell you this much. For most of us, it’s not pretty.

You want talk about a “social construct” and gender???… Forcing biological women to physically compete against biological men is one totally and ridiculously foolish, to the point of insanity, actual social construct and doing so will destroy women’s sports, from the ground up.

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