More on the Democratic Socialists of America [Videos]

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Earlier this month, we posted a video which should be shaking foundations in Washington and across America about the real nature of the DSA. A Marxist-Leninist group which intends a total take over of America, and in true Marxist fashion, not just in the political sphere but a total and complete and probably never ending negation of Western culture in every aspect of American life, from culture to business.

Now, RAIR Foundation has released its second video on the DSA:

RAIR’s article on the contents of this video can be found at this link.

Earlier video on the DSA speaking at a gathering of European Communist organizations. (Comintern)

For anyone wishing to have an in-depth understanding of the communist groups now in ascendance in the West, at the strategic level, please consider committing time to reading this report, even if it is just a few pages a day.

But if you want a basic hint on some of the chief machinery being used by communist groups to enforce the replacement of law and order with a Hegelian-Marxist narrative, you can watch this short speech from earlier this year with the Secretary General of the United Nations:

Direct link.

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