VIDEO: Important LIVE speech by Boris Johnson

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H/T Oz-Rita

A couple of thoughts about all this.

Unlike Italy, where undemocratic forces sought to thwart an election because they knew that Salvini and the forces for the preservation of the nation state and the polity of Italy would prevail, in the UK, Corbyn et al are attempting to force the existing government to stay in power because the opposition knows he does not have a majority able to put BREXIT through.

Corbyn now claims he wants one, but this is unlikely. However it could be possible he does via the second point.

The left opposes BREXIT not because they think the Right’s claims are wild and conspiratorial, even if they say they do. The want to REMAIN in the EU precisely because they know the Conservatives are correct and the left seeks the dissolution of the nation state and absolute control to be taken by unelected and unrepresentative supranational bodies like the EU and the UN.

So they may actually want a new vote because they think they can treat it as a second referendum on BREXIT. Which in practical terms it would be.

Despite the anti-democratic nature of such an act, (in fact it would be typical of the EU tactic of forcing vote after vote till they get their way) so long as the Corbyn communists can be prevented from rigging the vote, and we know this happens as I believe at one point fairly recently the entire city council of Tower Hamlets had to resign due to massive election fraud, Boris has a very good chance of getting the mandate he needs, even if he shares power with the BREXIT party.

All in all, it is a powerful expose on UK communists that they have so far managed to thwart the referendum of 2016 for so long and nearly derail it. And that they have managed to do it without people realizing who and what they really are, and why they are doing it.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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