France Betrays U.S. With $15 Billion Iran Bailout

France slapped the U.S. in the face with its $15 billion Iran bailout offer, which would serve to undo all the progress made by the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Iran. What should the consequences be?

Listen to Clarion’s National Security Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro discuss this on I24 News as well as the latest reports that Hezbollah has now moved its precision missiles intended for Israel into civilian areas.

Israel’s response to the Iranian and Hezbollah missile build up in Syria and Lebanon is now being publicly defended by Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Amid the missile build ups by Iran and Hezbollah have come the disclosure by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran performed experiments of nuclear weapons at a previously undisclosed site.

Watch here:


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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Yes and France betrayed NATO and their supposed European Allies by purchasing billions $ from Russia for their natural gas !

    France can’t be trusted to stand behind their allies – when I served in Army in Federal Republic of Germany 1970-72 (before Berlin wall fell and E. and W. Germany reunited) we faced a much larger Soviet Force with huge advantages in numbers of ground troops, tanks, artillery & no doubt they would have pushed us back to Rhine River in a conventional war. It was common knowledge that should the USSR invade Germany and push allied forces to the Rhine River, the French were going to employ nuclear weapons on all of us in fight to stop USSR including US, German, English armies.

    Remember too the color of the French flag during the early stages of WWII in Europe was WHITE. Weapons they dropped later sold to gun collectors came with a certificate of authenticy including a white flag and statement -“only dropped once”.

    On a final note, France is in grave danger of becoming an Islamist caliphate because of EU policies of open borders and their acceptance of millions of Islamists. France has a negative birth rate of 1.4 whereas the muslim birthrate per family is about 8. France loaded with muslim conclaves that French police don’t dare to enter. At current rate – muslims will outnumber native French by year 2040 and then what ???


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