VIDEO: Never Will Masada Fall Again!

Join us on the top of Masada to better understand the importance of the pledge every Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier takes.

The IDF pledge on Masada states, “Never will Masada fall again.”

Dr. Wexler took us on a journey to 70 AD when a small number of Jewish fighters and their families refused to surrender to a more powerful Roman army. Rather than surrender their wives and children to a future of rape, slavery, and torture, these fighters took the lives of their loved ones and then their own. When the Romans eventually breached Masada, there was no one alive to take as a prisoner. The Jewish fighters denied Romes victory by taking their own lives. What choice would you have made? Now fast forward to WWII.

Few people realize how close the Nazis along with their Muslim allies, nearly conquered North Africa and what is now Israel. The Nazis allied with Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (Arabic: محمد أمين الحسيني‎; c. 1897 –1974.) al-Husseini was said to be more Nazi than his Nazi masters when it came to the murder of European Jews. Adolf Hitler and al-Husseini formed the Muslim SS Handscar Divisions tracking down and killing enemies of the Nazis. In return, Hitler was to give al Husseini the concentration camps to kill every Jewish man, woman, and child living in the Middle East. Dr. Wexler explains the importance of the allied victory at the second battle at Alamein in 1942. This battle stopped the advancement of the Nazis into North Africa and the Middle East.

The defeat of the Nazis at Alamein was monumental.

Before the victory, it was expected the allies would lose North Africa, and Hitler would get the oil and diesel fuel he desperately needed to win the war. Alamein was one of the pieces of the puzzle that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII. The 650,000 Jews living in what is now Israel declared Mt. Carmel to be the spot where they would make their final stand. Resulting in the story of Masada replaying itself on the high ground of Mt. Carmel.

Watch this short video, as Dr. Wexler connects the dots of history not taught anywhere in the West.

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