VIDEO: A new look at a 2013 video on the weaponization of the term “Islamophobia”

This is a new and detailed analysis of an OSCE event in 2013 in Warsaw, where an attempt to extract a definition of Islamophobia from Islamic (OIC) sources as well as the Marxist think tank, Runnymede, was made with no success but a great deal of obfuscation. Why would that be?

This is an important video and shows the Marxist effort along with Islamic, to leave terms undefined in order to make them better and more broad weapons against all non-Muslims. And for that matter, all non-Marxists with the term, “Hate speech”.

More on that later though. For now, please take a few minutes and watch this.

Anyone wishing to develop a solid understanding of these tactics so well exemplified in this video, may wish to download Stephen Coughlin’s document on understanding the left here.

Stephen Coughlin, and Ned May from Gates of Vienna, do manage to show the extent of the dishonesty of this influential international agency. Also please note in the video, the book used by this body which contains the logos of the UN and EU, as well as the OSCE.

(For some reason, videos are not playing on Safari tonight. Please try this on Chrome or possibly Brave.)

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