OPEN LETTER: Bite me, Beto

Earlier this week in Atlanta, three minority males in their mid-teens were shot dead while attempting a violent armed robbers of a homeowner. This type of incident is why I bought AR-15s for my sons five years ago.

Below is what I emailed to a Democrat friend who thinks no one has any business owning a gun with more firepower than a 5-shot revolver.

Dear Susan –

I think it’s fitting that I give this email a title.

If it’s okay, I’ll call it Bite me, Beto.

Picture this. You’re at home in the yard with two other people, possibly your husband and one of your grandchildren.

Suddenly, three masked intruders—one firing shots—appear out of the dark in a nighttime robbery attempt.

What would you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

According to multiple news reports, the scenario described above happened in an Atlanta suburb two days ago.

The homeowner and the two people with him, presumably family members, were not hurt.

The three teen lawbreakers were shot dead by the homeowner.

They were taken out by what is believed to be a semi-automatic rifle, far and away the best defense against multiple home invaders, according to no less an authority than Navy SEAL veteran Dom Raso – WATCH

Without adequate weaponry, the homeowner and the two people with him might be the ones whose funerals are now being arranged.

Bottom line: That homeowner was prepared to defend himself, and did, a moral responsibility every homeowner has, especially those who have family living with them.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    I’ll add – double Bite Me Beto but beware of what will happen to you if you try. What can we expect from the idiot Beto who in trying to garner more face time for himself let the cat out of the bag that all Democrats really want to confiscate AR and AK type semi-auto rifles.

    Great true story and the 3 law abiding citizens minding their own business would most likely not have made it if the homeonwer only had a 5 shot revolver against 3 armed attackers. Personally I prefer a 10 shot 12 ga along with a 15 shot Glock .40 cal for home defense but an AR 15 or AK 47 would also do the job!

    Congratulations to the homeowner and Bite me too Beto ! That is if you’re not too busy jumping up on tables or desks or feeding your wife her babies poop !


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