VIDEO: Red Tide Rising

Yesterday, a protest was held in Aurora, Colorado demanding abolishment of (1)  U.S. borders and (2) the Immigration & Customs Enforcement administration. Over the last three years, thousands of similar anti-ICE, anti-border demonstrations have been held across America, all of which have been supported by leading Democrats.

Here is a link to a video posted by a group known as the Party for Socialism and Liberation/Denverone of the many Democrat front groups that took part in the protest. To make sure its Marxist ideology doesn’t go unnoticed, PSL/D’s Facebook reads “building a worker’s party in the heartland of world imperialism.” The group’s name incorporates the word socialism, but the communist flag flown at its protest shows that to this anti-American group, socialism and communism are heads of the same snake.

The demonstration was also attended by other openly communist Democrat front groups, including Rocky Mountain Antifa and Denver Communists. In this short video, a member of Denver Communists affirms that the protesters are demanding elimination of U.S. borders and an end to enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

A screengrab of Denver Communists Facebook shows members of the group carrying a banner demanding no borders and no nations. A borderless world without nations represents the culmination of the communist dream of a world united under the banner of the hammer and sickle. For that dream to be realized, the sovereignty of the United States must be yielded to an international governing body run by the UN, an organization dominated from top to bottom by communists.

Occupy Denver is another anti-capitalist group that participated in the demonstration. Hundreds of Occupy affiliates are active in cities towns and campuses across America. Like other Democrat identity politics groups, Occupy affiliates are openly pro-communist—Occupy Denver’s Facebook contains an image of the Raised Fist, one of communism’s most recognizable call to arms. When Occupy protests burst on the scene in 2011, President Obama (“We are on their side”) and Nancy Pelosi (“God bless them”) openly supported the nationwide movement, as did the rest of the Democratic Party.

The people shown in the images above—and millions more like them—have three things in common:

►They all are Americans.
►They all are revolutionary communists committed to overthrowing America’s two-party capitalist system.
►They all fully support, and are fully supported by, the modern Democratic Party. I do not say that to be inflammatory; I say it because it is true.

The red tide of communism is rising in America. Whether it succeeds in overwhelming our constitutional republic will be determined by the 2020 elections. Click here to see the stark choice voters will face.

How you vote matters.

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