Trump, Indian Prime Minister Modi vow relentless fight against Islamic terrorism [+Video]


In a groundbreaking rally attended by tens of thousands of cheering Indian-Americans, President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  “declared themselves united in a relentless fight against ‘terrorism’ and vowed ‘a close, personal alliance.’”

The rally comes at a significant time. Not only is Pakistan a known state funder of jihad terror, which prompted the Trump administration to cancel $300,000,000 in aid to Pakistan last year, but India is now in a renewed and escalating conflict with Pakistan over the disputed territory of Kashmir.

“Without actually naming Pakistan,”, but alluding to it, Modi referred to Pakistan’s leaders as those who “shield terrorism and nurture it.” Modi continued: “The whole world knows them very well. Their identity is in the sponsorship of terror and the world knows it.” He is right. Against the backdrop of the momentous rally are serious threats of nuclear war coming from Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. In Mid-august, Khan threatened to “teach Delhi a lesson” and vowed a “fight until the end against any Indian violations in disputed Kashmir.” Then later in the month, Khan escalated his threats of a nuclear war with India over Kashmir.

“Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally,” New Straits Times, September 23, 2019:

HOUSTON: US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday declared themselves united in a relentless fight against “terrorism,” vowing a close, personal alliance in front of tens of thousands of Indian-Americans.

The two leaders, like-minded nationalists fond of fiery rallies and skeptical of traditional media, heaped praise on each other in an unusual joint appearance inside a football stadium in Houston.

To the bhangra beats of four drummers in saffron turbans, Trump in his dark suit and Modi in a yellow kurta and vest made a grand entrance with arms clenched together to ecstatic cheers from a crowd estimated by organizers at 50,000.

Trump won his biggest applause when he told the crowd, many wearing the saffron of India’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party, “We are committed to protecting innocent civilians from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Taking the flavor of one of Trump’s own boisterous rallies, Modi later asked the crowd to give a standing ovation to Trump for his stance.

Trump has stood by the Indian leader during controversial decisions this year, including his revocation of autonomy for Muslim-majority Kashmir and his order for jets to enter Pakistani territory in response to a suicide bombing.

With Trump watching in the front row and listening to the translation, Modi made clear reference to rival Pakistan, which controls part of Kashmir and has sought to rally international attention over the Himalayan territory.

Modi said he was seeking equal status and development for Kashmir, adding that his actions were “causing discomfort to some people unable to manage their own country” and who “nurture terrorism.”

“These people have put their hatred of India at the center of their political agenda,” Modi said.

India has also faced strong criticism from human rights experts for shutting down virtually all internet and cellular communications across much of Kashmir….

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