What? Democrats celebrating ‘Bisexual Visibility Day?’ Who’s idea is this?

Equality Democrats sent out the following in an email:

SIGN THE CARD → Happy Bisexual Visibility Day, Kyrsten Sinema and Katie Hill!!


This week, Equality Democrats across the nation celebrated Bisexual Visibility Day.

So in honor of this special day, we’re sending a card to Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Congresswoman Katie Hill — they’re proudly bisexual and they’re an INSPIRATION, Rich!

Kyrsten Sinema is the FIRST openly bisexual person elected to the Senate, and she has been a champion for bisexual visibility and LGBT+ rights.

And Katie Hill is the first openly bisexual congresswoman from California, who has promised to fight for equality in all of our policies.

We’re SO grateful for their leadership, so we’re sending them this card to make their day!


-Equality Democrats

Democrats are “inspired” because Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona has a bisexual relationship with another woman, namely Democrat Congresswoman (?) Katie Hill representing California’s 25th District. In a Think Progress column titled Katie Hill’s win would be an important moment for bi people Casey Quinlan plays the victim card stating:

The unique stereotypes bisexual people have been trying to shake for years, from both within the LGBTQ community and from straight people we know, seemed like too much of a burden to overcome. Bi women are objectified in media and portrayed as manipulative and treacherous. Straight people see us as promiscuous and confused. Many monosexual people in the queer community ignore bisexual people, when they’re not mocking us for believing our sexuality exists at all.

So, there you have it. Two women/men/or both (?) representing the big “B” in LGBT in the U.S. Congress. And they have their very own holiday. I wonder what their male lovers, if any, think?

Oh, BTW the email is actually a fundraising effort by the Equality Democrats. Pay to play?

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  1. Kelleigh Nelson
    Kelleigh Nelson says:

    When and why did America let every perversion out of the closet. What used to hide in back allies now marches down Main Street USA…we’re slouching toward Gomorrah!


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