Face to Face with Fascism in America

“It is a unique and unprecedented case” – Joseph Maguire Director of National Intelligence

Dear Judge Janine and Mike Huckabee; I share your frustration over events going on in America today. But it is not McCarthyism, it is something much worse. I know the predicament when an aggressive ideology holds nations hostage–I lived half of my life under the Stalinist regime in the USSR. It held strong dictatorial control in a one-party state and I escaped it, immigrating to America. It is tragic for me to see something similar in America. Dear friends, it is not McCarthyism, it is Soviet Fascism I have been warning you about for the last decade by exposing Soviet Communism/Socialism and watching its nefarious evil-action for thirty years. Hence, I came to the conclusion that we are dealing in America with Soviet fascism implemented globally.

I insist on calling it that for a very good reason. The word “fascism” is used quite often in print these days. I am not alone using the term “fascism”–human memory can’t forget fascism’s past history and the danger of ‘fascism’ once again achieving power is not going away: it represents a formidable and alarming force waging war against Western civilization. To reflect current usage of the word “fascism,” I’d like to give you example of sentences selected by Merriam-Webster. They tell us that the views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors:

Examples of the word fascism in a Sentence

From the first hours of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union, the propagandists on both sides of the conflict portrayed the struggle in stark, Manichaean language. The totalitarian nature of both regimes made this inevitable. On one side stood Hitler, fascism, the myth of German supremacy; on the other side stood Stalin, communism, and the international proletarian revolution.— Anne Applebaum, New York Review of Books, 25 Oct. 2007

Consider what happened during the crisis of global fascism. At first, even the truth about Hitler was inconvenient. Many in the west hoped the danger would simply go away. Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, 2006

Nevertheless, his work has been touted as a warning against radical visions of all kinds, used to support the argument that communism and fascism are merely two sides of the same coin.— Sophie Pinkham, The New Republic, “Vasyli Grossman’s Lost Epic,” 27 Aug. 2019

What lies in front of us are two choices: enlightenment or fascismAntonia Hitchens, The New Yorker, “Marianne Williamson’s Esprit de Orb Corps,” 26 Aug. 2019

Historical Perspectives

Perhaps, the last example presents the implications of the matter and I agree totally with it: What lies in front of us are two choices: enlightenment or fascism, indeed. To prevent the freedom loving people from Chamberlain’s mistake, happening again, I have written about Soviet fascism to educate Americans for decades. Knowledge is Power!  I have firsthand experience living through the regime and describing it in my books and columns. All above mentioned authors know “fascism” as a political philosophy, movement, or regime, from political literature, or their memory of global events. You can find vital data and information about Soviet fascism in my book: What is Happening to America, Xlibris, 2012

I titled the first chapter of the book: 1937—The Year of Infamy. It was a time of Stalin’s building Soviet Socialism using crimes against humanity: Show Trials, Purges, extreme abuse of investigative power, killings, and deportations. Stalin personally signed 357 proscription lists in 1937 and 1938 that condemned to execution some 40,000 people. Russia will remember this year for several generations, as each family suffered due to the aggressive crimes committed by the regime and its punitive agencies. Living and watching events in America today, I recognize definite elements of Soviet fascism in the actions of the Dems’ Socialist mafia: lies and fraud in the best traditions of Stalin’s Political Correctness, a typical Soviet style propaganda, Soviet style, baseless falls charges and prosecutions of innocent people of political opposition, an overreach of investigation in the House of Representatives – Trump’s impeachment—Stalinist personal destruction of a rival political leader…

Researching and discussing Soviet Socialism for many years, learning more and more about the KGB’s nefarious activities and agenda, I’ve renamed Soviet Socialism to Soviet Fascism. As a matter of fact, there was a logical factor to do so. The collapse of the USSR manifested as a collapse of the Socialist Economy, yet the Soviet System and its dictatorial nature of one-party rule, run by the KGB survived under Putin’s leadership. The agenda stays the same—destruction of Western civilization at all costs. Nothing substantially has changed in Russia–Today the KGB represents the country—the Russian Federation. You can find a philosophical and ideological explanation of these events in my books and columns.

A brilliant piece on the subject by Diana West is reinforcing my opinion on Soviet Fascism: “There is a sinister war underway, a war of mental conditioning, as a new united front of communists, socialists, and liberals in media and politics attacks the American mind and soul as something immoral and hateful… … all to a point of reflexive consensus in the public square. The ravages of history bear witness to the heinous results of eerily similar campaigns of public revilement in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other totalitarian echo chambers. Should the tens of millions of Americans today and every day lashed as “racists” and “white nationalists”—that is, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who support Donald Trump—be worried? “The Brain-Washing War on America’s Mind and Soul, The Epoch Times, by Diana West, August 19, 2019

Though the author did not mention the ideology of Soviet fascism, you feel and recognize the evil she is talking about. Moreover, she exposes the culprit responsible for the current predicament in our country. Diana West is right “the primary source of the invective is not “the street” or “radical fringe,” but the top leaders and most influential figures in the Democratic Party.” I agree and in approaching the subject, recall the information I have received working in the Soviet legal community. It was predominantly discussion on the KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov, his plans and designs to target and infiltrate American social media and all security agencies. My columns convey this information in this magazine in 2017-2018.

This knowledge had given me the opportunity to identify the ideology as the ideology of Soviet Fascism, to show the Dems leadership how they are collaborating with the KGB for the last thirty years. Actually, most of the trouble in America and the world derives from and is caused by Russia and Putin’s KGB: from brainwashing and defrauding to killing. I am emphasizing the significance of the KGB, because it represents Russia today and am using the term KGB meaning the entirety of Russian Intelligence Services. Look at current DNC Chairman Tom Lopez. His statements speak for him and you will see how a Communist is leading the Dems against the American Republic. He epitomizes the Deep State and has continued the Clinton/Obama business collaborating with Russia—Socialist Revolution is happening right now in America.

There are two intertwined facts in the Dems’ behavior, showing a striking similarity to the Soviets policy of the past. The hysteria of “climate change” is very familiar to me. I have already written in details about the Soviet slogan: “We will conquer nature.” To water the deserts cost trillions, to change a river’s course costs even more and all that money was wasted by Stalin’s Socialist economy for decades. Besides Socialism’s inability to produce, this was another reason why the Socialist economy collapsed in Russia. Considering information about “the Axis of Evil” under Russian supervision, the old Stalinist slogan had been altered to ”climate change” by the Deep State in collaboration with Putin’ KGB to destroy capitalism of Western civilization. They wish us to spend ourselves into oblivion.

Yet, there is another part of the issue inextricably connected to the first one. The Soviet educational system of public schools inculcated all students in Communist tenets and then used the students in defending the Communist policies to influence public opinion—everything was politicized, children, too. As a student, I participated in protesting “American Imperialism” numerous times in school and then at Law School. The demonstrations were organized by the local Communist Party and educational agencies. We, the students, had been prepared and used by the Party as young activists defending the Party policy and agenda. Communists do not like children, they are using them as a radical, violent force to conquer the world and build Socialism. What is going in America and the world today is known to me. That is the reason, I am warning you about the activities of “the Axis of Evil”—our foremost enemy…

Due to erroneous American foreign policy, the ideology of Soviet fascism was dispersed by “the Axis of Evil” throughout the world, starting in Asia, Eastern Europe using Stalinist Political Correctness with its application of lies, fraud, and deception, then reaching out to the rest of the globe. These tactics have now been taken into service by the Democrat Party. Look at the events in America orchestrated and provoked by Soviet fascism: from Trump/Dossier–KGB’s production to Smollett’s fraud, from whistleblower complaint of Trump violation of national security to the hysteria of “climate change.” All events have been built by the Dems’ anti-Trump narratives. Iran’s calculated attack on Saudi’s oil facility on the week of 9/11 to effect both—the Israeli election and the American market. The Axis of Evil continue fighting Western civilization under Russian control. Read my column Socialism Infects the Globe, It Must be Defeated, August 26, 2019

Fascism is Worldwide and Never Sleeps

I have already reported about Stalinist order for all Communists: Never admit any crime you committed, but accuse the opponent in this exact crime. You will see in the upcoming investigation of the Ukraine scandal how Joe Biden follows that exact recipe—he will accuse Trump in the actions he himself had committed. Tom Fitton is right “The current Ukraine scandal is another malicious effort to protect the Obama/Clinton gang, criminal classified leaks, and spying targeting.” I called this gang America’s Socialist mafia, built by Obama. This is the Deep State usual provocation originated by well-organized cabal of Obama’s CIA to divert attention from the crime committed by Obama/Clinton gang. Obama delegated Biden to deal with Ukraine and incredible corruption on global parameters is manifested by Biden’s in Ukraine. President Trump was looking for information not about the 2020 election, but for 2016 election. It would be a dereliction of duty had the President ignored the crime in foreign affairs. It is his constitutional prerogatives as a Chief Law Enforcement Officer to use the Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters 1999.

There is a direct connection between Biden’s family and oligarch in Ukraine— ”Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, joined the board of Ukrainian energy … According to The New York Times, Hunter Biden helped assemble the company’s legal team, … Burisma is led by an oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky.”  Considering Hunter’s bio, he has nothing to do with energy or Law, yet he is getting big money every month from the company. In front of you is an example of America’s Socialist mafia connected to a very corrupt foreign entity with the possibility of the crimes of extortion and bribery. At the same time the Dems constantly police and investigate the U.S. President Donald J. Trump [following Stalin’s order] instead of dealing with issues of American business. Look at the impeachment led by the House of Representative—a total fraud and waste of time and money a-la Soviet Fascism, which corrupts everything it touches. Who is the beneficiary of political chaos in America???  I will try to answer the question…

When Pelosi, who was very reluctant before, suddenly approve an impeachment procedure in the House of Representative, I knew that something was coming. And I was right—the whistleblower complain has popped up with charges against Trump—the political Witch Hunt against Trump gets another round. The handwriting was familiar to me and I suspect Obama’s CIA Director and his top officers working hand in hand with the Deep State. It is the first time when I am not totally agree with the smartest man in the Earth Rush Limbaugh: Liberals corrupt everything they touch. Yes, they corrupt everything they touch, but they are not Liberals. Classic Liberalism had been annihilated by Stalinism in the 20th century. We are dealing now with extremist-leftists, Socialist Mafia, and the “Squad” as a substitute created by the KGB of Soviet Fascism. Read Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016

To investigate the Ukraine scandal, knowledge of Russia’s KGB is a must. For your information the KGB loves to fish in a murky waters and pre-election Ukraine was that exact location of murky waters. Putin’s desire to have Ukraine back will never change: the KGB has a lot of sleeper cells in Ukraine, a country of enormous corruption. This current scandal has very intriguing kinds of people involved: the top Dems Joe Biden, the KGB agent George Soros, four Dems Senators, and some even more questionable persons—a knot of possibilities that may even lead to uncover the long-term Obama/Putin conspiracy that I have written about for many years.

This anti-Trump campaign had been organized and executed by the anti-Trump cabal. I have recognized the cabal after watching and reading Trump/Dossier and reported in 2017. The anti-Trump cabal was led by the trio: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin. In the best traditions of Stalinism to cover-up their crime, they accused Trump in the crime they themselves have been committing for decades. They’ll never stop politically attacking Trump until exposed and brought to justice—transparency and accountability are cornerstones of the American Justice System. There has been a deep infiltration and meddling in the 2016 election by Russia, when the White House was turned into the ‘KGB’s Headquarters’, working against the opposite party—the Republican Party and its leader Donald J. Trump. The Deep State must be put on trial to discover the Truth.

Though my latest columns illustrated the way the Deep State was acting, there is a short way to investigate the crime committed—a thorough investigation of the Clinton Foundation, which I called “the eyes and ears of the KGB.” Bill Clinton is the man in the center of the entire criminal conspiracy against the American Republic. I have followed Clinton’s mafia and reported its actions since 1991. Obama merely continued the Clinton’s business within the Democrat Party. Rank-and-file Democrats have no idea about the crime committed by their leadership. When it is exposed, they will be shocked and change their affiliation to Republican or Independent.

President Trump is targeted because he presents an existential threat to both the Deep State and The Axis of Evil run by Russia. We are dealing with the army of Globalists, an aggressive international force aimed at turning the American Republic into the Union of Socialist American States. To identify the chain of events, and origin of the anti-Trump cabal it is crucial to investigate the McCabe and McAuliffe actions inflaming the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, 8 July 2017.  Hence, the primary task of DOJ is investigating the investigators, the Dems’ leadership and their collaboration with the KGB–an International Watergate No.2. Alas, Tom Cotton is not the FBI Director.

My Fellow Americans!

God has given us President Donald J. Trump to defend and secure the system created by our Founding Fathers. Help him to do that. Help him to dismantle Obama’s radical socialist legacy. Fight the ideology of Soviet fascism and help President Trump to defend, and save the American Republic! Let’s revive the spirit of our Founding Fathers and repair the culture of America the Beautiful!

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com or at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/.

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