RAMBO LAST BLOOD — Stallone Hit’s the Target in this all American film

I have been a fan of Sylvester Stallone since his 1982 American action film directed by Ted Kotcheff, and co-written by Sylvester, who also stars as Vietnam War veteran John Rambo. Stallone knows how to tell the story of Vietnam veterans who served their country honorably but were hated by some factions in America.

Even today his hatred of our veterans and military hangs over America like a dark and evil cloud.

Stallone’s latest film by Rambo Studios and Lionsgate “Rambo: Last Blood” carries on the ideal that every veteran took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In the case of “Rambo: Last Blood” the enemy is foreign — Mexican cartels that deal in sex trafficking.

Watch the trailer:

John Rambo is trying to live a normal life on a farm in Arizona. Then, like most things, life challenges him, once again. The story is about a Hispanic family that Rambo adopts and becomes the father figure to a young girl .

The story line is Vietnam War veteran John Rambo tries to find some semblance of peace by raising horses on a ranch in Arizona. He’s also developed a special familial bond with a woman named Maria and her teenage granddaughter Gabriela. But when a vicious Mexican cartel kidnaps Gabriela, Rambo crosses the border on a bloody and personal quest to rescue her and punish those responsible.

John Rambo, like many along the U.S./Mexican border understand the dangers they face daily, as do our ICE agents who try to defend American citizens against these gangs like MS13.

This is a must see film because it shows that the duty to protect one’s family and country requires courage and self-determination. This film is about American sovereignty over its citizens. Justice must be served, at any price. So it is with Vietnam veteran John Rambo.

IndiWire’s Zack Sharf wrote:

Many “Rambo: Last Blood” reviews called out of the film for perpetuating dangerous Mexican stereotypes. The movie opened to $19 million at the box office and continues to play in theaters nationwide.

I’m not sure if Zack has met with any Angel families whose love one’s were viciously raped and murdered by these “Mexican stereotypes (a.k.a. illegal aliens).”

BTW, forget the movie reviews, the people love Rambo: Last Blood. It’s the people that count, not the movie critics.

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