VIDEO: The #JEXIT Story — Time for Jews to Exist the Democrat Party!

Tom Trento interviews Michelle Terris the founder of #JEXIT.

#JEXIT is a National Movement dedicated to educating and encouraging American Jews who are currently members of the Democratic Party to EXIT the Democratic Party and join President Trump who is a great friend to Jewish people and the state of Israel. Stand with us against anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party because anti-Semitism is anti-American.

Tom Trento discusses with #JEXIT leaders, Sofia and Michelle, why it’s time for Jewish Democrats to leave the Democrat Party.

QUESTIONS: Does the Democrat Party still affirm the basic principles held by President John F. Kennedy or has the Party taken a hard turn to the Marxist Left? Are there unapologetic Jew-haters now serving in the U.S. Congress with complete impunity? Is Donald Trump the most supportive President that Israel has ever seen?

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