VIDEO: Amazing Polly on the control totalitarian leftists wield in Canada — Names are named

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This is both excellent and important

Thank you EB.

It should be noted, that Polly names Richard Warman several times in her video, which is an act of real courage in Canada. Warman occupies the same legendary space as Bloody Mary, the child’s superstition where if you say her name three times while facing a mirror, a ghost comes and possesses you or otherwise does some supernatural horror.

With Warman, if you name him, you find yourself in a court where all the officials seem unusually sympathetic to his point of view, and no matter what the facts are or what the laws on freedom of speech used to be, Warman walks away with a ton of your cash and you sign some kind of order agreeing never to speak of it. (Watch the interview with the Canadian comedian who had to sign an NDA with the Human Rights Commission when he lost a suit against two lesbians who heckled him, and he had the temerity to answer back)

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