Human Life International lists Products that use Aborted Fetuses – Warning gruesome!

Two current issues that separate the two major political parties are climate change and abortion.

One party believes that the climate is changing but mankind has little to do with the changes. The other party believes that it is mankind that is destroying the planet and therefor mankind must be punished (with taxes and regulation) or even cannibalized in order to save the planet. A closely related issue is abortion. Why? Because by having fewer babies, or no babies at all, one can save the planet from extinction according to the policies of one major political party candidate for President of the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders.


Planned Parenthood and Environmentalists have joined forces to save planet earth by controlling global population. In the Planned Parenthood Global booklet titled Health Has No Borders on page 10 describes the intersection of the abortion industry and environmental movement, as a global partnership:

Women’s health is directly linked to the state of their environment. When rural environments become unsustainable, it is women whose lives are most disrupted. To address this issue, Planned Parenthood partners with local environmental advocates to integrate women’s health and empowerment into the work that they do. [Emphasis added]

Health Has No Borders describes how Planned Parenthood partnered with environmental advocates like Fundaeco (Foundation for Ecodevelopment and Conservation) in Guatemala:

In Guatemala we work with Fundaeco, one of the country’s largest environmental organizations. Before partnering with Planned Parenthood Global, Fundaeco had done some community organizing, but felt they had hit a brick wall in disseminating their message. To truly get their campaigns going, they determined they needed to focus not just on the local environment, but on the human rights of the local population.

Enter Planned Parenthood Global.

We made an initial investment to pilot three community health centers in one of the protected areas in southeast Guatemala. To ensure local ownership, these health centers were created by donations of land or supplies from local villages within the protected areas. [Emphasis added]

The founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger wrote:

The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.

This mantra is being carried out globally, and funded by local governments and organizations such as the United Nations.


On July 19, 2015 we published an article titled Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestle Using Aborted Babies For Flavor Additives in which listed dozens of companies that use fetal tissue to enhance the flavor of their products. Note: Food and beverages do not contain any aborted fetal material; however, they may be tastier because of it.

Since that time the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has published a series of undercover videos detailing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of fetuses to companies for profit. Here is just one CMP video:

Andrea Byrnes from Human Life International published a column titled Products That Use Aborted Fetuses.

Byrnes writes:

Do some products contain fetal parts? The short gruesome answer: Yes.

Today’s consumer products are not the soap and lampshades of recycled Nazi concentration camp victims. The new utilitarian use of people is a sophisticated enterprise, not visible to the human eye.

Byrnes looks at three areas where fetal body parts are used:

  1. Food and Drink
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Vaccines and Medicine

While actual fetal body parts are not contained in food and drink products they are contained in cosmetics, vaccines and medicine. Byrnes reported:

The fountain of youth…is babies.

Commercially, it’s known as Processed Skin Proteins (PSP), developed at the University of Lausanne to heal burns and wounds by regenerating traumatized skin. The fetal skin cell line was taken from an electively aborted baby whose body was donated to the University.

[ … ]

The Vaccine Card at the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) website lists over 21 vaccines and medical products that contain aborted fetal cell lines. The Card is updated yearly, and also lists ethical vaccine alternatives when there are any.


“Eugenists imply or insist that a woman’s first duty is to the state; we contend that her duty to herself is her first duty to the state. “ – Margaret Sanger, Eugenist and founder of Planned Parenthood.

In a column titled New York Times’ ‘1619 Project,’ the MacArthur Foundation and Eugenics we wrote about the 1998 book “Archons And Acolytes: The New Power Elite” written by Clarence C. Walton wrote:

Eugenics became a fashionable cause, and courses in the subject were soon introduced by a number of colleges and universities. The Rockefeller Foundation provided ample financial support, generously funding international conferences and research projects, and earning unwanted praise from the Nazis who welcomed the international respectability that their eugenicists needed. Today the Ford and MacArthur Foundations have also made population control a major objective of their funding efforts. In the first phase of the eugenics movement, artificial birth control (with Margaret Sanger identified as its major force) became the preferred method for controlling population growth.” [Emphasis added]

Eugenics was created in the United States and its goal was and remains “population control.” Eugenics was quickly adapted by the Nazis to further their ideology of a “genetically superior” Aryan race.

Today eugenics is called genetics. It’s goal is the same, a genetically pure race.

A genetically pure race requires the ultimate in government control. The Green New Deal provides for tyrannical government control over every aspect of our lives and lively hoods. The battle cry is “save the planet.” Their success will measure in the reduction of numbers of people globally. It’s ultimately about the elites, in government and research labs, determining who lives and who dies.

About Andrea Byrnes:

Writer Andrea Byrnes was the first producer of U.S. March for Life coverage at EWTN Global Catholic Network, which she continued to supervise for seven years. She attended her first HLI conference in 1989, where she first met Servant of God Dr. Jerome Lejeune. She and her husband would later pray for Lejeune’s intercession for her son’s health difficulties discovered before birth, and thanks be to God, he is thriving.


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  1. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Clearly, we are seeing Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled in our day, the Mustering in of the One World Order, the most disturbing part to me, the absolute disregard for human life , and loss of natural affection, the willingness to destroy life in the womb rather than protect the unborn CHILD ! America, Has become, the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and you can read how GOD dealt with the First one in His Book, the Bible : Genesis 19: 23-26

    • Ruth
      Ruth says:

      America will deserve what we get and it will ;be bad for all the horrors we have caused. Collectively the nation has turned its back of God, the faith that built this nation, freedom, truth, honor, respect and the Constitution! Dear God come get your children and burn this place to ashes and everyone on it- that have done this evil!

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    I know I’m a bit late to the party, but add in Big Pharma, congressional-military-industrial-complex, shadow government/deep staters, and you can get under the table human right violations that make the Soviet-era Gulags look like a Sunday school kid sandbox. I’m talking bio-tubes, enhanced flavoring, they go overseas using God knows what to bypass legal restraints. It’s like CIA torture blacksite locations on steroids. Drug/Human traffickers utilize off this multi-national organized criminal syndicate to improve their profits. High profile people are involved (such as Clintons). Think I’m making this up? It’s been going on since the Vietnam War, Golden Triangle and all. Thailand, Bangkok, dead kids, Lolita Express, the bodies got to go somewhere.

    Mocking bird media is nothing more than a small arm of the bigger picture. Tedros and other kabal strawmen are part of the problem, not solving it. These people do not believe in God, they are merely pro-man sun worshipers of the natural elements or Marxists.

  3. cody phillips
    cody phillips says:

    Okay so i read the article and i seen many claims but absolutely no proof. Where are your references? Where are the scientific study’s? Where is the documentation proving this? I am not denying this i just want to see some type of proof.

  4. Diana
    Diana says:

    Go to David Wilcox Divine Cosmos he has studied the Illuminati-Cabal-Deep State for over 30 years. He has vast info with links to proof on his blog-website.

  5. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    Is there an updated list? And is it only the ones on the list…or it is EVERY TIME a product says something to the effect of “natural flavour”??! 😩🤢😭💔

  6. Marie
    Marie says:

    Jesus came to save us all. Remember He said on the cross “Forgive then for they know not what they do.” I have also read that Jesus and Mary prayed for HIs persecutors when He was carrying His cross.

  7. Marie
    Marie says:

    OOPs ! Jesus said “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” We can hope that many come to the Truth before they die.

  8. Marie
    Marie says:

    As I said in a previous reply Jesus came to save us all. I have read that both He and His mother prayed for His persecutors when He was carrying His cross.


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