The Growing Number of Women Taking Concealed Carry Classes

Women can be just as interested in guns as men. After all, there is no label on guns that says they are only suitable for men. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of women taking concealed carry classes. Although these classes are mainly dominated by men, women are getting more and more interested in them.

This doesn’t really come off as a surprise, given that many times, women feel unsafe while on the street, and don’t know how to protect themselves by force. This is one reason why the number of women obtaining concealed carry permits has surpassed the number of men getting the same permits.

Why Do Women Take Concealed Carry Classes?

Women are mainly interested in concealed carry classes because they want to learn how to protect themselves when facing a dangerous situation. Since people have the right to own a gun in the U.S., many want to use this right – women included. Owning the gun itself is not enough, though, as guns require careful maneuvering, and if you haven’t used a gun before, the chances are that you’re unaware of how to use it properly.

So, the number of women who want to use guns is increasing because they want to learn how to protect themselves, without having to depend on someone else for their safety. Many females feel that a gun offers them a sense of safety, especially after certain events that have been occurring in the U.S.

Many times, people tend to wait until the last minute to take steps for protecting themselves. Until a tragedy happens, some people don’t even think they will ever need to use that kind of protection. So, tragedies have been a steer in the right direction.

Also, women who want to learn how to shoot should have the proper mental capability of doing it. If you don’t think you should use the gun and hesitate for a moment, you risk having the gun used against you by a potential attacker. This is why so many shooters say that you need to be ready to shoot whenever you aim the gun, or otherwise you shouldn’t do it.

Conversely, there are women who want to learn more about gun laws, and a gun instructor is the best person to learn from. Concealed carry classes will lead to the woman being able to apply for a concealed carry permit, and thus carry a gun with her when needed.

The Increase in the Number of Concealed Carry Permits

Over the years, more and more people have decided to use their right to own a gun. Basically, over a period of 10 years, the number of permits for handguns has had an increase of 256%. Therefore, more than 16.36 million permits have been granted.

This led to the study reporting the amount of concealed carry permits by gender in 2016, and thus it revealed that 36% of permit holders were women, in 14 of the states. Also, in 8 states, the number of permits increased by 22% for men and 93% for women.

According to studies, the number of women who obtained permits has grown due to shooting events taking place. Of course, people put themselves in the victims’ shoes, so they think they may one day be unsafe themselves.

Because of that, statistics show that more concealed carry courses have been taken ever since the Parkland, Florida shooting. The number went up by 24% after the incident occurred, being the highest increase since July/August of 2016.

So, the chances are that more women will consider applying for concealed carry permits as time goes by and they feel the need to protect themselves.

The Response of the Firearm Industry

Since they saw how many women decided to pick up guns, the firearm industry worked to adapt firearms for women. Basically, since 2005, there has been an increase in the number of high caliber guns with greater lethality. Also, since 0.380 guns have had a production boost too, they opened the door towards more-concealable weapons – perfect for women.

With this in mind, the firearm production has started working on stronger, yet more concealable weapons. Given that women want something that can be easily used while hidden properly, this is an amazing thing. Now, women have access to a series of handguns meant for them, and they aren’t too big or heavy to carry.

Also, the public relations director for the NSSF (the National Shooting Sports Foundation), Michael Bazinet, has made a confirmation regarding SHOT Show. It seems that more exhibitors at this show are making guns for women. So, things are looking bright for women who want to get a concealed carry.

Also, the US Concealed Carry Association Expo of the NRA Show is offering quite a nice sight too. More and more weapons for women have been presented in 2018, showing the increase in demand for women.

Women who want to learn more about guns and see the newer handguns created for them can attend SHOT Show and interact with professional female shooters. There will be many great lessons to learn from them, as well as a confidence boost when you see you are not alone in this game.

Final Thoughts

If you want to assert your right and take concealed carry classes as a woman, you have the chance to pick the best handgun. For instance, a Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 2.0 is perfect for concealed carry and is only suitable to use under most female clothing. Having a short grip and slim profile, you cannot go wrong with a handgun like this.

Women have decided to take the initiative and go to concealed carry classes either to learn more about gun laws or protection or to learn how to shoot and protect themselves. So, if you’re a lady who wants to go to such classes, you aren’t alone – therefore, there’s no need to hesitate.

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  1. helen sabin
    helen sabin says:

    RICH – ANYONE taking a gun class and wanting to carry a gun or use a gun in their lives must be ready to shoot – not just women. And they must know how to point and shoot as many times they do not have the time to bring the gun up, aim and then pull the trigger. And as to gun choice? Many women are talked into a gun that is heavy, hard to rack and is too large or too small to do the job. The main thing is getting a gun to fit their hand, be able to rack it if they choose a semi auto over a revolver, be able to pull the trigger easily and be able to just handle it as well as clean it. I suggest the Smith and Wesson .22 compact as women can put ten rounds on target where as if they are using a higher caliber gun it takes them time to get the recoil handled and get the gun back on target. and for those who say .22? Toy gun? Temember bobby Kennedy was killed with one and Ronald Reagan was almost killed with one. You can put three rounds into a perp into the time it takes to shoot a .45, and get it back on target due to the recoil. I do NOT like the Shield – its overrated!


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