VIDEO: “I hate you and I hope you die”

A student activist I work with sent me a disturbing video.

And I’m sharing it with you now to show you the hostile and often violent abuse young conservatives face from AntiFa and other radical leftists on their college campuses.

As you’ll see in the video, one “tolerant” left-wing student took a break from vandalizing property at a local Turning Point USA event to aggressively shout at a student organizer:

“I hate you and I hope you die!”

I hope you’ll take a moment now to watch this short, 47-second video:

In the toxic atmosphere on campuses, hundreds of thousands of conservative students are outnumbered by…

…AntiFa and other radical leftist students as well as far-Left socialist professors and university administrators.

EDITORS NOTE: This TPUSA video and column are republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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