Never-Ever-Trumper Unknowingly Explains Impeachment Is Over Weak Democrat Field

It makes so much more sense now. When Never-Ever-Ever Trumper, gay liberal Andrew Sullivan, thinks no one in the current Democrat field can beat President Trump in 2020, it’s easier to understand the impeachment furor over a phone call and the raw, unmasked media partisanship.

Sullivan’s New York Magazine take, which I largely agree with in the analysis, summarized:

  • Biden has real strength in the Democratic Party, but his candidacy in a general election is “crippled.” Biden’s crowd size and enthusiasm levels are “anemic” and he looks “confused, addled, over-briefed, and clearly past his expiration date.” Agree. Plus he would have a corruption factor that would mitigate the made-up stuff on Trump.
  • Elizabeth Warren is “unelectable” in November 2020. “She’s a supercilious, smug, know-it-all Massachusetts liberal who reveals contempt for the deplorables the way Clinton did last time. The ‘first woman of color’ to get hired as a professor at Harvard Law School is the stuff that GOP dreams are made of.” Further, Warren said on CNN townhall, that in her administration, her Secretary of Education essentially “would have to be approved by a transgender 9-year-old boy, she’s placing herself firmly inside a cultural revolution most Americans are deeply uncomfortable with.” Agree. She is way outside the mainstream, plus she’s not genuine — a sharp contrast to Trump.
  • Bernie Sanders had a heart attack at 78. Democrats will not trust that he won’t again on the campaign trail. Plus, and this is no small thing in the general election, “he’s also an actual socialist, and he hasn’t entertained — let alone engaged with — a new idea in decades. That’s appealing to millennial Marxists who have no memory of the 1970s, but Jeremy Corbyn was also a superstar with the youngsters a while back.” Agree. He’ll fade.
  • Kamala Harris is just unlikable for most Americans. “Harris has revealed herself as a feckless, authoritarian, lying opportunist who treats the Constitution as cavalierly as Trump, but without his excuse of total ignorance.” I continually fail to see where Trump has trampled on the Constitution, or even pushed it in any ways that previous presidents have not also — without a peep. It’s just said all the time. But on the analysis, agree.
  • Corey Booker is laughable. He has no connection with even Democrat voters, let alone the rest of America. “…he comes off as an earnest cyborg from outer space.” Agree. Like Warren and Harris, he’s a “what do you want me to say” candidate trolling for votes.
  • Beto is despicable. Sullivan agrees. “O’Rourke is a woke, moronic bigot, who believes we live in a white-supremacist country, and would happily remove tax exemptions from most traditional churches, synagogues, and mosques, because they still believe in the literal teachings of the Bible or the Koran. Of all the candidates, he’s the only one I actively loathe.” Well what can be added to that? Agree.
  • Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg are fresh, coherent, thoughtful — according to Sullivan — but Yang has zero chance and Buttigieg not much more. Neither would appear to have broad support in the country. Agree on the second part. The first, regarding Buttigieg, not at all.

And just because Sullivan’s writing is just so superb, and his analysis is spot-on from the TDS swamps, I’ll include his ending:

“Don’t get me wrong. I’ll vote for anyone, including Warren or Sanders or even the vacuous Beto to defeat Trump. We proud human scum will not be distracted from the central task at hand. But let’s be honest: This is a field that has largely wilted upon inspection. For what it’s worth, I suspect Warren will win the nomination and dutifully lose the election just like Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, and the second Clinton. She has that quintessential perfume of smug, well-meaning, mediocre doom that Democrats simply cannot resist.”

Of course, he lays out a lot more problems with Warren than that conclusion. But when someone as insightful and desperate to defeat Trump is this gloomy on the Democrat options, you can bet that Democrat strategists are also, along with members of Congress.

Hence, they can’t wait 12 months for the American people to weigh in with actual democracy — which they laughably claim is under assault. Impeachment must happen, and it must be now. And the goal of impeachment is to either remove Trump or try to damage him to the degree that one of these bums could win. The authoritarian impulse Sullivan rightly identifies in Warren and Beto is endemic to the Democratic Party.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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