FLORIDA: The Real Fate of Childhood Sexual Abuse Whistle Blowers

If you doubt for a moment that whistleblowers on childhood sexual abuse, like Sarasota’s school resource officer Kimberly Whyley, are not retaliated against, you severely underestimate the indifference to predators by school administrators, clergy, law enforcement, judges, medical professionals, and others in positions of authority. You severely underestimate the appalling epidemic numbers of predators and their enablers in our midst.

What really happens when a conscientious adult reports childhood sexual abuse? I know and am still living the aftermath of my reports made in Indiana, with tentacles here in Florida.

The immediate repercussions of my eyewitness reports about a 350-pound adult male counselor lying on top of a child pinned beneath him on the floor against a wall were for me to be put under surveillance by the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center, where the attack occurred. My husband’s boss, attorney Robert W. York, later issued an ultimatum that my husband would be fired if he did not silence my reports.

After firing my husband, Robert York was appointed as a hearing officer for the Indiana Supreme Court, paid scores of thousands of dollars, and worked directly under Indiana Justice Steve David. As a trial court judge, Steve David had fined me $60,000 for attempting to have the mother of a convicted violent childhood sexual predator answer questions under oath about her son, who was one of many predators frequenting the Indy JCC, including Subway’s infamous Jared Fogle, finally imprisoned for his sexual crimes against children around the world.

When I repeatedly gave proof of Robert W. York’s frequent commission of the unlicensed practice of law in Florida to numerous Sarasota and Manatee County judges and to Florida’s Attorney Generals, their indifference was stark. The simple lesson is that crimes against children are met with indifference, and crimes of intimidation and retaliation (and unlicensed practice of law) by predators and their enablers meet the same fate.

We must all strongly support the courage it takes to blow the whistle on predators, whose fate is protected; while child-victims are abandoned and betrayed by those entrusted and empowered to shelter them from irreparable harm inflicted upon them in classrooms, churches, and community centers.

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