Five Reasons to Stay at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas

My wife and I haven’t been back to Las Vegas, Nevada in over 10 years. We wanted to have a vacation focused on seeing some great shows and eating fine foods.

My wife decided to book us at the Trump International Hotel. This is the first time we have stayed in a Trump property and were very much looking forward to the experience. And an experience it was. The Trump International is hard to miss from the air or ground. It is big, at 51 stories, and solid gold, in the Trump tradition. It stands out as a structure of distinction in a city known for its glitzy hotels.

After spending a week at the Trump International I wanted to pass along my thoughts recommendations. Having been there here are my, and my wife’s, top five reasons we highly recommend this hotel:

  1. There is no casino on the property. When you walk into the lobby there’s no noises associated with a casino, which means you can focus on peace, quiet and your love one(s). You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the one restaurant on the property without hundreds of people playing on machines that take your money faster than Washington, D.C. politicians. We didn’t come to Las Vegas to gamble but if gambling is what you crave then Trump International has a free shuttle to Caesar’s Palace and the Wynn Hotel. Both have major casinos.
  2. There are no shows on the property. The Trump International is like being at your own home, actually better, and going out to see as many shows that you want. We went to four shows. We rented a car and drove. BTW, Trump International offers free valet parking. We just called the valet from our suite for our car and drove the 5 to 10 minutes to each show. Yes, Trump International is that close to the Vegas strip. To give you an idea we only put 50 miles on our rental car. If you don’t mind walking you may want to forgo a rental and take the shuttle to Caesar’s and walk to the shows.
  3. The guests are friendly and a delight to talk with. My wife and I met guests from across America and around the world. From a family from England, to people from the Far East, the Middle East, Israel and Europe. Each person was happy to start up a conversation whether at breakfast or at the wonderful pool area. The Trump International lives up to its name. You meet the nicest people at Trump International.
  4. The staff is amazing. I have stayed in many hotels, motels and resorts. I can say that The Trump International Hotel has the best staff of any. The staff became like family. The concierge was most professional and helpful. The valet staff were young men and women who were always there to open the door of our rental for my wife. The check in and check out were flawless. The room service was exceptional as was the staff in the restaurant. We got what we wanted promptly. We made friends with several of the staff, especially those in the restaurant as we ate breakfast there daily.
  5. The hotel is remarkable. The Trump International is impressive from the time you walk into the huge lobby until you get to your suite. Staying in a Trump property is truly a wonderful and wondrous experience. It’s not like any other place you may have stayed. Trust me and my wife. The Trump International Hotel is better than any of the other five hotels we have stayed in Las Vegas including the Luxor, Venetian, Caesar’s Palace.

If your going to Las Vegas, please check out the Trump International Hotel. You won’t be disappointed.

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