Petition launched to Impeach Hawaii Democrat Governor David Ige

A group led by Darious Edwards started a petition to The Office of Hawaiian Affairs to impeach the Democrat Governor of Hawaii David Ige. The petition states:

We call for the impeachment or resignation of Governor David Ige For not upholding the laws that protect the Hawaiian people, Hawaiian sacred land, and the laws protecting Mauna Kea. David Ige is choosing to protect corporate business over the rights of its own residents of that state that he was elected to govern and has failed to uphold his duties. We also call for the complete stand down of all government officials that have been sent to the big island to cause harm to our peaceful protectors and wasting the tax payers dollar! 15 unlawful arrest have been made due to his own person interest in a multi billion dollar investments.

In the United States history 7 Governors have been impeached for failing to uphold their duty or Governing and protecting its people. We ask that Governor David Ige be removed from office and replaced temporarily with the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii given that he Immediately stops all the atrocity that is taking place in the state of Hawaii, and if he fails to do so with personal interest we the people demand  for a snap election (early election) without his approval.

Impeachment can be a long and hard process and doesn’t happen in one day  so we ask that if the House of Representatives  considers the needs for the people and that they temporarily shut down the Construction of the 30 meter telescope Until a final Court ruling is established

we also ask the support from our state representatives Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono to support the residents on this matter.

Please help save the land, culture, and people of these beautiful islands before it’s to late. Please sign and share this petition soon before damage and desecration has begun. Mahalo

The state goal was 35,000 signatures. The petition currently has 58,367 signatures.

Those wishing to sign the petition to Impeach David Ige click here.


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  1. KaLeo Lindsey
    KaLeo Lindsey says:

    It’s nice to know there are others who see the self-evident Facts & Truths, And this petition represents an organic action of, by, for ‘…the people of Hawai’i’(see 1978 Con Con Preamble).

    For: KaHa’i Kupuna Tribunal/Council
    I am: KaLeo lindsey

  2. Mary Colton
    Mary Colton says:

    How can you put your trust of safety into the hands of a man that under the threat of a nuclear missle………..he couldn’t remember his twitter pass word. This guy is an embarassment to himself and completely unaware of his lack of awareness. He is not fit for his job.

  3. Jerusoe Matthews
    Jerusoe Matthews says:

    Get him out he’s doing unnecessary things to hurt the Hawaii people get Turk Caldwell out to🤙 they no good and the rest of them puppets

  4. leanne lukela
    leanne lukela says:

    he’s rubbish, get rid of the lier!! he he’s greedy , took bribes and definitely racist if hawaiians. and it goes back in history with his family

  5. Moala Pulotu
    Moala Pulotu says:

    He hasnt kept any promises he made when he was running for office and to top it off the way hes been handling the mauna kea.The more i look at his face i feel disgusted by it.Lies Lies lies he spreads.Impeach him.Hes not for the people.

  6. Sunia
    Sunia says:

    Why waste people’s time? He’s about to end his term. What we need to do is vote against candidates with the same views i.e. most Democrats in office. Educate our ourselves with the issues then go to polling booths and vote them out.

  7. Theresa Galindo
    Theresa Galindo says:

    Too many bad intents!!
    Need good cause!!!!!
    Good intent Leaders!!!!!

  8. F. Kelekolio
    F. Kelekolio says:

    We THE PEOPLE have spoken!
    If money is more important then the sacredness of our Islands, it’s time to step aside. Keep Hawai’i Sacred!


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