Mike Pence or the Muslim Brotherhood — Who is more dangerous to the safety and well being of gays?

In 1905 Sigmund Freud put forth the idea that homosexuality was the product of a child’s upbringing. Freud wrote, “The presence of both parents plays an important part. The absence of a strong father in childhood not infrequently favours the occurrence of inversion [homosexuality].”

In a September 29th, 2018 article titled Sexuality Part 1: The Aberrations – Sigmund Freud Richard Bukowski, administrator of Psych Reviews wrote:

Inversion (Homosexuality)

The first aberration Freud outlines, which he says includes “no small number of people”, is what he called Inversion, or Homosexuality. He describes the basic categories of absolute inverts, who enjoy exclusively their own sex, amphigenic inverts who are essentially bisexuals, and contingent inverts who resort to homosexuality when there is inaccessibility to other heterosexual objects. These simple categories, at this early time in psychology, break down into different opinions of homosexuals and how they identify with their orientation. Freud says, “inverts vary in their views as to the peculiarity of their sexual instinct. Some of them accept their inversion as something in the natural course of things, and insist energetically that inversion is as legitimate as the normal attitude; others rebel against their inversion and feel it as a pathological compulsion. The fact of a person struggling in this way against a compulsion towards inversion may perhaps determine the possibility of his being influenced by suggestion. It is safe to assume that the most extreme form of inversion will have been present from a very early age and that the person concerned will feel at one with his peculiarity.”

On October 19th, 2019  BOLD Democrats sent out a fundraising email titled Homophobia Alert: Mike Pence is AMBUSHING Pete Buttigieg (help >>). The email stated:

YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED: Add your name to stand with Pete Buttigieg against Mike Pence’s homophobic attacks >>

Mike Pence has a DISGUSTING history of homophobia and anti-LGBT policies — and now he’s coming after Pete Buttigieg.

We’re delivering this petition denouncing his attacks on Pete and the LGBT community tomorrow at noon, but our petition is missing one crucial element: your signature. Please fix this error and add your name immediately >>

This email came out just after a federal judge struck down the so-called “transgender mandate” vacating an Obama-era requirement that doctors perform gender-transition surgeries upon request on October 15th, 2019. The case involed was Franciscan Alliance v. Azar.

The term homophobia was first introduced by George Weinberg, a psychologist, in the 1960s.

This is just one of a series of fundraising emails from the Democrat Party trying to paint Vice President Pence as “homophobic” and anti-gay. What Vice President Pence believes is that marriage is between one man and one woman. He also voted as a member of Congress against bills to give special treatment to people based upon their “gender identity” versus their biological sex at birth.

But perhaps the BOLD Democrats need to read a statement by Egyptian journalist and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member Amer Shamakh on the website of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. The Middle East Media Research Institute in an article titled Article On Muslim Brotherhood Website: Election Of A Gay U.S. President Will Lead To Pressure On Arab Countries To Permit Homosexuality; The Prophet Muhammad Ordered The Killing Of Homosexuals reported:

Below are excerpts from Shamakh’s article:

“After the world has experienced an extremist U.S. president who alarmed the world, especially the Muslims, with his madness and his strange decisions, it may in the future experience another [kind of] U.S. president: a gay one… The official U.S. candidate [sic] for the 2020 presidential election is 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg, a Democrat, who is currently mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He has been married for a year to his partner Justin, and the two have now declared that they want to start a family!

“This pervert wishes to gain the votes of his fellow [LGBTQ] Americans, whose number has increased many times over in [the past] 25 years. Surveys indicate that during this period the number of Americans who support homosexuality increased fivefold, the number of homosexuals in U.S. society rose from 3% in 1990 to 20% in 2014, and the number of those favoring marriage among these perverts rose from 11% in 1990 to 49% in 2014. This means that 20% of Americans are gay, and that 50% of Americans support the gay 20% and recognize them [as legitimate], in spite of their crime that contravenes human nature… and does not exist even among animals.

“Sadly, this is true not only for the Americans. This phenomenon is widespread, and is spoken about openly in all Western countries, without exception. It has become one of the [human] rights and one of the foreign policy goals of Western countries, and is a top priority of bodies like the U.N., the World Bank, and Amnesty [International]. In Europe and America, gay liberation is now regarded as a major principle of the human rights agenda and [human rights] lobby, including a variety of organizations that pressure regimes and governments.

Read more.

What is most revealing is how Democrats and the media white washed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after the raid that killed him. Perhaps they forgot about a man named Omar Mateen? The Counter Extremism Project in an article titled ISIS’s Persecution of Gay People noted:

At about 2 a.m. on June 12, 2016, 29-year-old U.S. citizen Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 more at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Right before the attack, Mateen made a 911 call, during which he reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Following a shootout with police in which Mateen was killed, ISIS officially claimed responsibility for the attack, announcing that “an Islamic State fighter” had “targeted a nightclub for homosexuals.” (Sources: Washington PostTIME)

The shooting was a brutal reminder of ISIS’s willingness and capacity to carry out an attack overseas—whether by radicalizing and inspiring individuals online to carry out so-called “lone-wolf” attacks, or by carefully building terror networks and providing operational support. The Orlando attack, which stands as the deadliest shooting on American soil, was also an echo of ISIS’s systematic hostility and persecution of gay people in Iraq and Syria.*

For example, in early May 2016, an ISIS court charged a young Syrian man with the “crime” of engaging in gay sex. In front of a crowd numbering in the hundreds in Manbij, Syria, ISIS fighters threw the young man from the top of a building as punishment for his so-called “crime.” This is but one case of how ISIS exploits pre-existing religious and social biases against gay people among the populations under its control in order to justify their persecution, a practice that has reportedly continued into 2017, despite territorial losses. (Sources: ARA NewsIraqi NewsDaily Mail)

The Democrat Party is looking at Pete Buttigieg to become either their nominee for president or perhaps the vice-president running mate to say a Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

How will this impact the Muslim majority countries in their relationship with the United States? Will this be looked upon as a wedge to legalize homosexuality in Muslim majority nations?

Clearly at least one Muslim journalist is raising the issue. But Vice President Pence is clearly not someone that either Democrats or gays need to fear when it comes to the LGBTQ community.

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