VIDEO: Another hijab hate hoax. This time in Denver

Posted by Eeyore

There’s been an unexpected twist in the story of a metro Denver Muslim mom who says she faced “blatant racial profiling” after being stopped at a Pepsi Center entrance because of her hijab. Argus, the company that handles security for the Pepsi Center, is defending the actions of its employee and has released security footage of the incident.

The woman at the center of the episode is Gazella Bensreiti, who arrived at the Pepsi Center on November 5 with her daughter, whose school was scheduled to sing the national anthem before a Denver Nuggets-Miami Heat game.

On Facebook, Bensreiti wrote that “upon entering, a woman named Dorothea put her hand to my face and told me that I would have to ‘take that thing off’ of my head. I told her that I would not take it off due to religious reasons. I was wearing a turban/cap. I explained to her that it was my hijab and that I would not be taking it off, to which she responded, ‘I don’t care, you can’t come in with it on.’ I then asked if she’d be willing to take me to the side so that I could remove it and show her my entire head in private. Again, she told me no.’” […]

(The article continues with allegations etc. etc. and CAIR joins in of course. The truth of the incident can be seen in the video below)

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