Democrats Drowning in Their Own Twisted Rhetoric

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand

The Democratic Party, and the Deep State, have decided to go all in on impeaching President Donald J. Trump. I get it. They lost the 2016 election, which they should have won, and just can’t seem to get over it. They won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College.

What is most interesting is that the Democrats are drowning in their own twisted rhetoric.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised that she would work with President Trump. That, for the most part, was a lie. What Speaker Pelosi found, after the 2018 midterm election, is that the party had taken a sharp turn toward Communism (i.e. Democratic Socialism). The Democratic Party also found that their Progressive Caucus held sway over its public policy platform.

Since the 2018 midterm election the Democrats in the House, Senate and their political action committees have made it their mission to:

  1. Impeach President Trump.
  2. Eliminate the Electoral College.
  3. Reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  4. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.
  5. Give the United Nations power over every American citizen (much like the EU has power over its member country’s citizens).
  6. Cut military spending.
  7. Keep America in endless wars in the Middle East.
  8. Support anti-Semitism.
  9. End support of the state of Israel.
  10. Forgive all student loan debt.
  11. Give everyone free public housing.
  12. Guarantee everyone a federal job.
  13. Implement the Green New Deal.
  14. Raise the minimum wage.
  15. Pack the Supreme Court.
  16. Give social benefits to illegal aliens.
  17. Give expanded “civil rights” to homosexuals.
  18. Provide medicare for all.
  19. Raise taxes on the rich.
  20. Raise taxes on the working class.
  21. Abort a child after birth.
  22. Weaken the 2nd Amendment.
  23. Silence any and all opposition.
  24. De-funding ICE.
  25. Open our Southern border.
  26. Resist everything the Trump administration does.

I have been warning about each of these issues for over a decade. I have seen them become the political platform of the neo-Marist Democratic Party.

As Ayn Rand warned:

“The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow.”

Hilary Clinton lost in 2016 because Americans were looking for a new way forward. They saw that new way in the Republican candidate for president and voted for Donald J. Trump.

The Democrats and Democratic Party have since 2016 embraced numerous extreme uncontested absurdities.

It they ever gain enough power they will implement them and work tirelessly to codify them into law.

This is why 2020 and beyond are critical to maintaining our Constitutional Republican form of government. This is why me must continue to severely limit the powers of Washington, D.C.

This is why America must do what the people in the United Kingdom did, reject socialism in all of its forms.

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