Clarion’s 2020 Predictions: Bernie, Jew Baiters and Western Insanity

As 2020 makes its entrance, Clarion editor Meira Svirsky makes predictions on five trends will can expect to see:

Democrats Go Left (Before Heading South)

Joe Biden will self-destruct his “front-runner” candidacy in 2020. It won’t be difficult as all he has to do is open his mouth.  Elizabeth Warren, already on a steady road down, will continue to fall out of favor due to her manifold lies and hypocrisy. From her false narratives of (1) being a native American, (2) getting fired from a job because she was pregnant, (3) that her children went to public schools to railing against the rich when she is a millionaire and accepts huge donations from the same, Democrats are waking up to the fact that Trump would make mincemeat of her on the campaign trail.

That leaves Bernie Sanders, the favorite tortoise among the bevy of hares vying for the Democrat nomination. Bernie might have garnered it last time if not for the rigging of the vote by Hillary through her super delegates.

Yet, with Bernie, we would not only get socialism (the kind that turned Venezuela from a promising country to a hellhole), we would also get his “surrogates,” who are already out stomping for him. These are the likes of Islamists and anti-Semites such as Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour, as well as plain old wacky millennial AOC (which is not to underestimate her own pro-BDS version of anti-Semitism).

Clarion predicts Bernie and his triple trio may get the nomination but they will go south fast in 2020.

Anti-Semitism Becomes the New Fashion of Macho Violence

This is a scourge on the soul of America that will not abate in 2020.

The Left’s inability to accept that Donald Trump was actually elected to be the president of the United States, egged on by the mainstream media and their constant churning of fake news, the Left’s willingness to lie to the American public and cheat their way through a faux impeachment process to get him out of office has contributed to the extreme polarization of American society – a state which makes the Left’s demonization of Republican politicians from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush look (almost) like fairy tale.

Who gets caught in the crossfire of this polarization? The Jews.

On the Left, Jews are accused of being everything from white colonialists (by the BDS, Palestinian chic and campus crowd) to slum lords and blood suckers (witness the spate of black-on-Jew crimes in the last months and listen to Black Muslim preacher Louis Farrakhan).

While the Left still cozies up to Farrakhan as well as the likes of Jew-baiting racists like Al Sharpton, the U.S. Congress can’t even muster the votes to censure the likes of Ilhan Omar for trolling us all with her anti-Semitic tropes on Twitter.

This is not to mention how, in New York, many of those who are committing violent anti-Semitic offenses are simply receive a “Get Out of Jail Free” card (along with metro cards to ride around on the subway, two debit cards with $25 each  and a burner cell phones.)

I’m not making this up.

Take the case of Tiffany Harris, a young black woman, who admitted to slapping three Jewish women while hurling at them anti-Semitic epithets. She was quickly released from jail without having to post bail (due to the early implementation of NY’s new bail reform) and got all those goodies mentioned above.

Once out on the street, she punched a woman in the face in front of the woman’s two children, was arraigned yet again and released (this time with “supervision,” which doesn’t mean much).

While a man in Iowa was charged with a hate crime for burning a LGBT flag (which resulted in a 16-year sentence due to his prior two felony convictions), NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is defending letting Ms. Harris out of jail:

Jew hatred on the Far Right has always existed and didn’t need much of push to bring it out in the open and even manifest in violence. The classic Far Right tropes about Jews as socialists out to destroy our country or, alternatively, as rich capitalists feeding on the poor are now back in fashion thanks to the Left.

The increasing frequency of anti-Semitic attacks in America will bring many other Jew haters out of the woodwork to claim their day of “fame” in the news.

Case in point: As I write, this just in from the largely Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood, New Jersey:

The Life Gets Sucked Out of Iran by Trump

Some potential good news for 2020 is on the horizon. Rather than initiate a new foreign war (a concept to which Trump is ideologically opposed and which would ruin his chances of reelection), Trump will respond to the latest aggression against the U.S. embassy in Iraq by Iranian-backed militias with new and crushing sanctions on Iran.

Will that mean the collapse of this failed and brutal Islamist state? We’ll be following that story.

Western Insanity Rolls Over for Islamist Supremacy

If the stories coming out at the beginning of 2020 are an indication of how political correctness is careening Western countries into the hands of Islamists (without them lifting a finger to gain control through jihad), we are embarking on a course of civilizational suicide.

  • This week in the UK, 11 armed officers burst into the home of cancer-victim Paul Newey in the wee hours of the morning and threw him in a top security cell reserved for the worst terrorists. Newey’s crime? Sending $200 to his son Dan, who decided to quit his job as an insurance salesman and do something noble. Dan joined the Kurdish forces in Syria fighting against ISIS. Those forces were not only backed by Britain, but they were trained by the SAS, UK’s special forces.
  • Also in the UK, under the nose of British authorities, Pakistani Muslim sex grooming gangs victimized 19,000 children in 2019 alone. For over a decade, this exploitation was known to local government officials, social workers and law enforcement officials. Yet, for fear of being called racists, authorities took no steps to prevent the horrific abuse of young, white British girls.Excuses still abound. Just a year ago, Sarah Champion, a Labour MP from Rotherham where the story broke in 2012 and a tireless campaigner for the victims of these gangs, was forced to resign from her position as shadow (opposition) secretary for women and equalities after writing an article in The Sun telling the facts about the sex grooming gangs: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls … There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?” Champion wrote.
  • In Switzerland, child marriage (which often is arranged by Muslim families for their underage daughters) is essentially recognized. It works like this: A girl can be married off at any age by her family. When she reaches the age of 18, her “marriage” becomes legally binding. This rule holds for those born both inside and outside of Switzerland. Due to this law, there is no recourse for girls often forced into marriage as early as the age of 14.

American Universities Continue to Get Rich by Taking Islamist Money

Foreign donations — to the tune of over $10 billion since 2012 – continue to flow in to U.S. universities. With that money comes influence ops to try to mold public opinion and policy.

In some cases, the funding comes via government-tied entities with known links to subversion, spying, terrorism and extremist ideology. For example, the terror-linked Qatar Foundation donated $33 million to Georgetown University in 2018 alone.

Over the years, Iran used a well-known front to send donations to about 30 universities in the U.S. and Canada. These donations, for example, don’t even show up U.S. records.

The Department of Education is currently investigating funding from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and (presumably) other countries. We are, too. Stay tuned for Clarion’s next film in 2020 on foreign funding of U.S. universities.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Clarion Project column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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