Midwest Grocery Chain Supports Good Values and Great Customer Service

A false narrative among the Left is that you cannot provide great customer service without being “woke” enough. Chick-fil-A discovered this when its recent abandonment of socially conservative charity groups was greeted with dismissal by the radical LGBT group GLAAD. Apparently, in the eyes of the woke Left, being America’s most polite fast-food chain, providing quality food, and putting customers first isn’t good enough if you’re not exactly the right kind of great food provider.

So, Chick-fil-A bailed. But not everyone else has. The Midwest grocery chain Schnucks (4) is expanding its customer service while still supporting the values of The Salvation Army.

Unlike Chick-fil-A, grocery chain Schnucks isn’t abandoning The Salvation Army or its customers. The company has announced the continuation of its charitable partnership with The Salvation Army through a “round-up” donation system where consumers can round purchases to the nearest dollar. Schnucks donated 100 percent of the rounded dollars – over $200,000 in 2018 – to The Salvation Army.

Schnucks’ dedication to charity hasn’t left customers behind. The company is expanding curbside pickup services to 59 stores through a partnership with Instacart. Now customers will be able to shop faster than ever – and they won’t have to worry about the company abandoning their values as Chick-fil-A did.

Schnucks has proven, charity and customer quality can and should go hand-in-hand. Chick-fil-A used to know that – so let’s make sure Schnucks never forgets. Buy from Schnucks to thank them for showing corporate America how to balance profits and principals.


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