VIDEO: Iranian protesters chant: ‘Our enemy is here, they lie that it’s USA’

Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelosi hardest hit.

But the mullahs need not be concerned. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest will do their level best to keep them in power.


Ilhan Omar calls Soleimani’s death an “assassination of a foreign official” and slams Trump’s economic sanctions

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission.

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  1. cali
    cali says:

    Thank you for this report and I follow daily now the Iranians uprising against their oppressive leadership.

    Not one of the democrats have said a word or encouragement to these citizens.
    While I am stunned by the dems actions I am not surprised and here is why:

    Obama et al loaded 5 planes each carrying a pallet of cash. Not all made it to Iran as they claimed. These planes were escorted by the CIA. Go figure.
    We have learned since via our back channel that one plane landed in Iran, another one in North Korea, one landed in Syria, one landed in Europe and finally the last made their way into the democrats and rhinos bank account.

    Then there is uranium one that was shipped using Canada/Trudeau as the middleman. It also involved the Awan spies from Pakistan employed by the democrats.

    There were rogue black CIA nuke facilities in Syria, North Korea and Iran. Building nukes in these three countries was a goal for the future use after HRC became president.

    They never thought she would lose! She did and now they are in desperation mode because of what they did and whom received bribes to make it happen. Trudeau, Angela Merkel, the democratic party and some rhinos together with Obama et al, HRC and Mueller are just a few who accepted the bribe money in the millions deposited in their accounts. Germany’s Merkel’s huge cut was 84 million twice a year.

    The Salami guy also was a rogue CIA operative ergo he organized the attack in Benghazi among other attacks.

    North Korea was controlled by rogue black op from the CIA. President Trump and his alliance ‘freed’ the NK leader ergo the meetings that followed. Of course if we had a msm we would have known that Pelosi travelled to NK selling missiles. Obama also travelled to NK.

    Now its Iran’s turn to be freed from the rogue CIA op and their agents. They built numerous black sites getting ready to finish nuclear weapons since Obama/HRC et al provided them the necessary uranium to do so.
    The main man – Salami – and his unfortunate end makes it now possible to remove all the rogue CIA op.
    The many earth quakes since December collapsed several of the ‘black sides’ while a couple of others deeper underground experienced ‘a rod from god’.

    The dems are in panic as their treason and sedition will me it into the light ergo they are not happy ignoring the celebrating citizens seeing finally the chance to be free.
    The president will not start a war with Iran although the deep state and military industrial complex at the Pentagon as well as they neocons have tried several times to goad us into a war.


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