Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

The Super Bowl has a significant sex trafficking problem.

In 2019 alone, according to the FBI, 169 individuals were arrested in connection with sex trafficking during an 11-day operation that was undertaken in conjunction with Super Bowl LIII happening in Atlanta.

However, as deeply problematic as the trafficking that occurs around large events such as the Super Bowl is, the 24/7/365 reality of sex trafficking in the United States is an epidemic of proportions most Americans have not even begun to comprehend.

This lack of awareness is precisely why it’s important that we leverage the increased spotlight that the topic of sex trafficking gets in conjunction with the Super Bowl. In an age of distraction and increased competition for human attention, it is vital that we use opportunities for visibility as opportunities for education.

That’s why we started the #TackleDemand campaign and run it each year in the lead up to the Super Bowl. But we can’t spread the word alone.

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