Amicus Curiae Brief: ‘The House action against Trump was illegal attainder not valid impeachment.’

ARLINGTON, Va.Jan. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a historic first amicus curiae brief (“friend of the court brief”) ever filed with the Impeachment Court, Professor Victor Williams successfully set the Senate record straight:

“The House action against Trump was illegal attainder not valid impeachment.”  

“An immediate Trump acquittal, without calling witnesses, is a formal and final nullification of the 116th House’s attempted illegal attainder,” said Williams in a statement released today. Trump was never impeached.

Williams’ amicus curiae brief, filed in full support of Donald Trump’s own trial brief, detailed how House Democrats conspired with deep-state bureaucrats and establishment “resistors” in an attempted attainder against Trump.

The brief was formally lodged with the Chief Justice as Presiding Officer at both the SCOTUS Clerk’s Office at the Supreme Court and at the Office of the Secretary of the Senate.

In a belt-and-suspenders “skeptical” procedure for the first-ever argument, Williams also had electronic and even print copies of the brief delivered directly to U.S. Senate offices.

Williams explained that his skepticism of the neutrality of the Chief Justice was sadly proven correct when John Roberts’ refused to read Senator Rand Paul’s question regarding the collusion of Adam Shift’s Intelligence Committee staff with deep-state treacherous operatives.

“So much for Chief Justice John Roberts acting as a ‘neutral umpire’ when deep state actors and media elites enter the high-stakes game,” said Williams today.

Williams is Chair of “Law Professors for Trump”  ( and is also a 2020 candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia against anti-Trump incumbent Mark Warner.  (“Victor Williams 4 Virginia –

The brief began (excepts with footnotes omitted):

This amicus curiae brief argues alternatively that the House action against Trump should be analyzed by this Court as an unconstitutional attainder meant to taint and stain Trump. 

Amicus relies heavily on Professor Charles Black’s Impeachment: A Handbook to draw the Court’s attention to how the Constitution’s attainder ban restricts impeachment processes and further circumscribes its “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” impeachment standard. 

This brief explains that our Constitution’s Framers explicitly rejected the abusive English legislative practice of using of attainders for the removal of public officers.

This brief presents the establishment of our uniquely American attainder ban as one of Alexander Hamilton’s great causes.

Amicus summarizes Supreme Court attainder jurisprudence on the protection of public officials from legislative removal and separation of powers norms.

Without such a prophylactic treatment of the House impeachment articles formally reflected in this Court’s record and certain acquittal verdict, amicus respectfully counsels that Senators may wish to adjust their 2020 schedules for an additional impeachment trial.

House lawyers confirmed plans for additional House impeachment hearings that are to likely lead to a second House impeachment of Trump during recent arguments before different panels of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

The brief concluded:

The constitutional proscription against legislative punishment is a solid shield of individual liberty for all Americans including those individuals whose ideology is the subject of intense, passionate hatred.

In the context of this House action – an attainder wrapped in impeachment cloth — only the Senate transmuted into our nation’s High Court of Impeachment has authority and opportunity to take up Colonel Alexander Hamilton’s cause to insure that defamatory legislative attainders will never be allowed in America.

While campaigning since July 4, 2019, Senate candidate Williams has frequently condemned Mark Warner and other congressional Democrats’ abuse of Trump.

SOURCE Professor Victor Williams

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