VIDEO: Child sex trafficking prevention is being undercut by ‘the squad’, elements of the Democrat Party [and some anti-Trump Republicans]

We received the following comments and video below in an email from one of our readers:

Please watch this video and then send it  to your Church leaders, including my comment that this  greatly enhanced prevention activity is another effort by Donald Trump that  does not get any recognition from the Democrats nor from MITT  ROMNEY.

Romney’s actions in fact,  have undercut the activities of these US  enforcement organizations. The whole pandemonium over separating children from their families was generated by the efforts  of ICE,  Homeland Security, etc. to rescue kidnapped children who were being introduced into the sex trade. The pictures, widely distributed by the Democrats  and the left-wing media, of children in “cages” were taken during the Obama administration and  deceptively used in order to attack the Donald Trump administration.

Many of these child sex activists receive an active defense from George Soros funded organizations. Further, many George Soros organizations are very active in Ukraine under the guise of “good government” and of “reform”.   Unfortunately, former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, allied herself with, and partially financed some of these Soros  operations  before she was told by her State Department superiors to  stop utilizing US federal resources for these activities. Whether Yovanovitch, did this innocently or with guilty knowledge would have been established  had the Republicans and/or the presidents legal staff been  permitted by Adam Schiff to cross-examine her. Since Adam Schiff has  a significant amount of  George Soros  funding  in his history,  this might have been the reason that Adam Schiff would not permit any questioning of his selected hearsay “witnesses”

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