EXCLUSIVE: Pence Blasts Democrats Failed Impeachment Attempt

Vice President Mike Pence blasted Democrats on Wednesday for their failed attempt to impeach President Donald Trump in a sit-down interview with the Daily Caller.

Pence sat down with the Caller as the Senate was voting to acquit the president, and was not at all worried about the outcome, saying, “well, we’ve you know, we have supported this administration and supported the president every step of the way. And the truth is, I think the American people have seen this for what it is, it’s nothing more than a sham investigation where the president was given no due process at all, followed by a partisan impeachment, which today will result in the president of the United States being acquitted by the United States Senate,” Pence told the Daily Caller.

“We simply sought to continue to support the president. Look, the American people have the facts. I mean, we started out with a whistleblower complaint. We never hear about the whistleblower anymore because the American people can read the transcript. They could see there was no quid pro quo President Zelensky said there was no pressure. The president did nothing wrong. And Ukraine received all of the military aid that was approved by the Congress,” Pence said.

“His acquittal today will be a confirmation of all of that. And I hope also it’s it gives us an opportunity to move on,” Pence concluded.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column with video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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