DECADENT DEMOCRATS: Liberals pay $2,500 to be told they’re racists, kiss the boots of blacks [Video]

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Think that Democrats couldn’t become any more decadent? Well think again.

Kissing the Boots of a Black Hate Group

Right County in a column titled Watch: Humiliating Video Of White Liberals Apologizing For Slavery…What Do They Hope To Accomplish? reports:

f you thought that white guilt and groveling for slavery was embarrassing, think again.

You haven’t seen anything yet.

A disturbing video [below] shows a white couple, apparently all broken up over slavery despite never having owned slaves themselves nor presumably knowing anyone who was a slave that they would stoop to lick boots for the sake of intersectional penance.

Who’s boots are they kissing?

Summit News reports:

The activist members appear to be from the Black Hebrew Israelites, an organization labeled an extremist hate group by some because of its inherent anti-white and anti-Semitic racism.

[ … ]

The clip shows the leader of the group placing his black boot on top of a speaker before a white man bends down to kiss it followed by a blonde woman who is presumably his partner.

The Anti-Defamation League says this about the Black Hebrew Israelites:

On December 10, 2019, a kosher market in Jersey City was attacked by two individuals. The store’s owner, an employee, and one customer were killed, as was Detective Joseph Seals. There are reports that the alleged perpetrators may have been members of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

[ … ]

Today there are several noteworthy sects of Black Hebrew Israelites. For example, the Sicarii Black Hebrew Israelites are a San Diego-based anti-Semitic and racist fringe religious group whose followers believe that Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the true descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel.  They are an offshoot of the larger Black Hebrew Israelites and echo the majority of the movement’s core principles, including the beliefs that white people are agents of Satan, Jews are liars and false worshipers of God, and blacks are the true “chosen people.” Their leader is Adonis Gaude, who is also known as “Ahlazar BanLawya” or “Hebrew Guerilla.”

Rich ‘Woke’ Liberal Women Pay $2,500 to learn how they are racists

In a Western Journal column titled While Trump’s Getting Minorities Jobs, Liberal Whites Are Paying $2,500 Each for Dinner Lectures on Racism Johnathan Jones reports:

As reported by The Guardian, the “Race 2 Dinner” hosts up to 10 white women who are willing to pay $2,500 to endure hours of discussions about their subtle acts of racism.

Instead of donating their time or money to actually helping disadvantaged minority communities, some woke white women are paying a substantial sum for self-degradation.

Organizers of the dinners, which are held in Denver and other major cities, aim to persuade their white dinner guests to “admit how racist they are.”

[ … ]

At the early dinners, things got out of hand with dinner guests crying and reportedly attempting “place their hands” on hosts Saira Rao and Regina Jackson. The Guardian reports that racial slurs were even used.

Here’s how first generation Indian-American and Democratic Party co-host of Race 2 Dinner woman views her fellow white Democratic women:

The liberal Democrats are submitting themselves to humiliation in order to make amends for nothing that they have done. White liberal Democrats have done nothing to lift up minority communities. If anything they have made minorities, especially blacks, servants of big government, the new white slavery of blacks. The immigration and sanctuary city polices of Democrats have harmed minority communities by allowing illegals to take jobs away from minorities, especially blacks.

It is time for Democrats to get off their knees and join in efforts to create jobs for every American citizen.

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