Winning World War III

I have a PhD ally who recently wrote me saying that we should be fighting harder regarding the CO2 issue.

My response was that I thought that this was not the best strategy because:

1 – we have already won the CO2 debate (so why waste time, effort and dollars in beating a dead horse?), and

2 – we are actually in a much bigger War (where Climate Change is a battle, and the CO2 part is just a skirmish).

To demonstrate these two points:

1 – I put together a brief outline of the CO2 case (which should make it crystal clear that we have won), and

2 – I wrote an outline of the bigger War that we’re now engaged in. Clearly we have little chance for success if we aren’t aware of what’s going on.

To my knowledge, neither of these Reports has been done elsewhere before — so I hope they both are informative. Please pass them on!

My perspective is: Forewarned is Forearmed.

If you have any constructive suggestions to improve on either of these Reports, please send me the details. Both of these are works in progress, so I’ll update them as warranted.

PS — FYI, if our Defense of CO2 is sustained (and it should be), then there are two extraordinary consequences:

a) the worldwide global warming campaign will collapse, and

b) the main justification for renewables will evaporate!

What could be more significant that those two consequences?

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    WW3? The only possibility for that is when the jesuitts and other globalists agree to start another war to control the population. They got away with it back then because the Internet didn’t exist. Of course there are contributing groups to the issue such as the congressional-military-industrial-complex and the defense contractors that spend billions on budgets. The MSM would justify it with some bogus story as a red herring to distract the populace and then the man of petition would take the stage.

    What I’m trying to say is there won’t be anymore large-scale global wars again like WW2 in the modern information age because it is difficult to twist the truth.

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    Look at how the US was brought into WW2, the world leaders met prior to the pearl harbor attacks that caused America to enter the war. FDR and the White house at the time were already informed of a potential attack by the Japanese from the Navy. Yet nothing was done to stop it, the attack was allowed to occur for the sole purpose of being America into the war to counter the Great Depression and FDR was influenced by Churchill along with other globalists/and the vatican. Hitler himself met with the Pope prior to the war starting, it was all planned.


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