Bernie Sanders Went to ISNA Convention with Supporters of Killing Gays, Won’t Go To AIPAC by Daniel Greenfield

VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Addresses Islamic Society of North America Convention


You don’t go to AIPAC when your campaign manager, surrogates and volunteers violently hate Israel. But Bernie did initially say he might go, and then the people actually running his campaign, pulled him into a closet, and explained to him why he can’t go.

Then they gave him his pills.

And here’s Bernie!

“The Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security. So do the Palestinian people. I remain concerned about the platform AIPAC provides for leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights. For that reason I will not attend their conference,” he wrote.

Basic Palestinian rights being the right to kill Jews.

But Bernie did go to ISNA where there are plenty of supporters of killing Jews, Americans, and other people Bernie hates.

 Muzammil Siddiqi, ISNA’s former president who chairs its Fiqh Council, which dispenses Islamic sharia law, has assented to the death penalty for homosexuality.

At the 2019 ISNA convention, Siddiqi spoke on “Strengthening Our Connection with Allah.”

Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing, was there at an Imam Round Table. Wahhaj has repeatedly endorsed violence against non-Muslims. That wouldn’t bother Democrats, but Wahhaj has also declared that “masculine women” are “cursed”, claimed that the “feminist movement” is headed by “lesbians” and then offered a reminder of Islam’s LGBT position.

“And you know, brothers and sisters, you know what the punishment is, if a man is found with another man? The Prophet Mohammad said the one who does it and the one to whom it is done to, kill them both,” Imam Wahhaj said.

The ISNA presidential forum was moderated by Salam Al-Marayati, the head of MPAC, who had defended Hamas and Hezbollah, and justified Hezbollah’s mass murder of Marines in Lebanon.

“I believe in the concept of solidarity,” Senator Bernie Sanders began his speech to an unindicted co-conspirator in funding the murder of Jews. He vowed that he would “forcefully combat this virulent ideology of racism and hatred” at a convention with speakers who had endorsed the murder of gays.

This is what Bernie is okay with.

Jews defending themselves against Hamas? Those are “basic Palestinian rights”. And Bernie’s not okay with that.


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