PODCAST: LGBT Activists Promote ‘Trans Reading Day’ in Public Schools

It started as just one rogue Wisconsin school, showing their LGBT pride. Now, five years later, it’s a national public-school movement — and most parents have no idea it’s happening.

Do you want your child to be psychologically manipulated at school on Thursday? Most moms and dads would say no. But this week, February 27, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and their pals at the powerful National Education Association are teaming up to promote “Jazz and Friends National Day of School & Community Readings.” “We want the listeners to know,” FRC’s Meg Kilgannon told me on “Washington Watch,” “this could be happening in your school. Your children could be hearing a book on Thursday… [that] can be very disturbing to young children.

The book I Am Jazz is a favorite of transgender activists. It’s based on the real-life story of “Jazz,” a boy who was convinced that he was born in the wrong body. “As a child he was injected with hormones to block his normal sexual development, and recently, he had radical surgery to complete his ‘transition’ to another sex. Which, of course, is impossible.” Now, LGBT groups are pushing schools to make the reading of the book an annual event. The day will be used, Cathy goes on, “to promote gender deviance and LGBT politics to vulnerable children. Not all schools are doing it. Yet. But some are.”

In one Arlington, Virginia school, administrators enlisted “mystery readers” to come read to the children. “The school has not revealed to parents who they are and what they will read,” Cathy warns. And based on what we know about the drag queen story hour movement, that could mean anyone. To counterpunch, the Arlington Parents Coalition is urging parents to keep their kids home.

“We want all children to be treated with respect and dignity as children of God,” Meg agreed. “That’s a basic tenet of the Christian faith of many faiths that everyone should be should have dignity. [But] that doesn’t mean that we need to reinforce these controversial ideas… that are untrue, biologically, and impossible. A boy cannot become a girl. A girl cannot become a boy.” But unfortunately, she warned, this kind of activity isn’t necessarily going to make it on the school calendar. “It’s just something that’s going to happen — and then, once it’s over, it’s too late.”

Meg and Cathy urge everyone to call their child’s school principal and ask, “Are you planning to have this reading in your school?” If they say, “yes,” it’s a great opportunity to turn in the universal opt-out letter that’s available on FRC’s website. “It’s up to you what kind of a statement you want to make,” Meg emphasized. But if your school is participating, make sure they know where you stand!

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.


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EDITORS NOTE: This FRC-Action column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

5 replies
  1. Mara Rivers
    Mara Rivers says:

    If this is about Gender why are they changing their biological Sex?

    I guess this blows the Equality movement right out the window.

    If everyone were equal we would all feel equally the same In our own skin, oh oh ! We don’t feel equally the same?

    Well I guess that blows the equality myth right out the Door.

    We are not equal but we can be fair.

    This is Child endangerment!

    I would recommend having permission slips signed because if my brat starts throwing titty fits and and scream he’s a bitch I’m seeing every last one of you and I do hope you back ground check every person who speaks to my child, if I have to take a background test to eat lunch with the other peoples brats I won’t even speak to.

    So if anyone who’s to be around my darling sweetheart better of passed a background test!!!

    ALSO WHY pray tell.

    What Does A subjects SUBJECTIONAL SEXUAL ORIENTATION have TO DO WITH THE Gender Fluid Movement?


    It has Not any bearing on this Gender Aversion Conversion by proxy (Parental Attention Whoring Disorder) if Gender dictated Sexual preferences, there would be no Gay people.

    That’s what I would say.

  2. Mara rivers
    Mara rivers says:

    Using that story is misleading.

    Most transgenders do not have a sex change, they keep their packages, surgery is expensive.

    Insurance does not pay for it.

    More than 50% of transgender women are straight males or Bisexual males, meaning Want to have sex with women.

    This is a direct attempt to associate transgender with having a Sex change operation by telling it to kids they will assume if someone is transgender they have no penis.

    This can put minors in danger, Example putting transgender women A intact straight males in the same sports competition this puts those men in the same changing rooms as minor females.

    If Females are taught at a young age that transgenders have sex change operations they won’t Be on guard they won’t know that there are potential target this is child endangerment again. I swear I would sue every last one of you people who allowed it.

    Do you get somebody badly hurt or killed.

    This is a poorly thought out nefarious plot worse than the mass scale gaslighting of the Mandela effect.

    • Mara Rivers
      Mara Rivers says:

      This is going to get somebody badly hurt or killed

      Just need to note that the general population’s knowledge a trans genders is from the Jerry Springer show

      The “violence” against them is more than not because they neglect to tell the other person of their biological sex, so they get beat up.

      Listen, this adds numbers to the stats, the violence against them, they say people just beat them up for just being. Well actually it’s called rape, they take the other persons options thief consent away from the , that’s rape, well then that in turn serves to benefit them in legal matters and public appeals, they get special considerations and special protections, laws and such.
      It’s B.S.

      It’s not only Political Correctness
      It’s Fear, people are afraid to lose their livelihoods, because it can very well happen.
      There needs to be deterrents to that behavior, it’s domestic terrorizing, treason and criminal to actively target an American Citizen with the purpose of punishing them for having a different view or opinion than them.

      That is a huge problem


  3. Bob
    Bob says:

    The whole gender culture concept originates from Karen Horney in the early 20th century. This ideal is nothing new, all the feminists and progressives did was merely change the name and steal the rainbow logo out of Genesis.


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